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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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How “Dad’s daughters” live now and which of the actresses will return in the continuation of the series

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 01:20:20

This is how they were many years ago (from left to right): Katya Starshova, Liza Arzamasova, Dasha Melnikova, Miroslava Karpovich, Andrey Leonov, Nastya Sivaeva (top row). Photo: Still from the film.

It seems that the trend of resurrecting seemingly finished projects has migrated from last year to the current one. Following the heroines of “Sex and the City,” “Daddy’s Daughters” is back in business. STS begins filming the series, which aired in 2007 and closed in 2013. As the producers prepare to film new episodes, which are expected to premiere this year, we decided to look back on what happened to the project’s key players over the past few years. ten years.

Anastasia SIVAYEVA,

31 years

Anastasia Sivaeva.


(Dasha Vasnetsova)

Dasha was in the series both a daring goth and a diligent wife: she was the first of five sisters to marry her on-screen boyfriend Venik (they say that Nastya also met Philip Bledny in real life). After “Daughters” the actress practically did not act anywhere, she did not participate in show business projects. Her return after a 10-year hiatus will be a real treat for fans.

Miroslava KARPOVICH,

36 years

Miroslav Karpovich.


(Masha Vasnetsova)

After “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava tried herself in a company, but she rarely appeared in films and TV shows – only 7 projects in 10 years. Karpovich was remembered a couple of years ago, when his partner in the play “Enemy Cosmetics” Pavel Priluchny divorced Agata Muceniece and went on vacation with Miroslava. Everyone began to talk about a romance and almost a wedding, but nothing good came of these alleged relationships: last year Pavel married another actress, Zepyur Brutyan, and Karpovich is not yet married.

Andrei Leonov,

63 years

Andrey Leonov.


(Sergei Vasnetsov)

Yevgeny Leonov’s son played a psychotherapist and a single father raising five daughters. The artist described his participation in the new series as “limited.” As for the last 10 years, the actor played in Lenkom, appeared in films and TV shows: in Margarita Nazarova she played his own father, in Lyudmila Gurchenko – another great artist – Igor Ilyinsky – in the film Lev Yashin. The goalkeeper of my dreams” – commentator Nikolai Ozerov.

Elizabeth Arzamasova,

27 years

Elizabeth Arzamasova.


(Galina Sergeevna Vasnetsova)

The life of the performer of the role of the most intelligent of the daughters, who from childhood is called by name and patronymic, has changed dramatically. From a charming girl, Elizabeth turned into a beautiful girl who married figure skater Ilya Averbukh and gave birth to her son Leo. And Arzamasova also plays in the theater, she plays one of the main roles in the popular TV series “Ivanov-Ivanov” and gives voice to cartoons.

Ekaterina STARSHOVA,

21 years

Ekaterina Starshova.


(Polina, “Button” Vasnetsov)

A favorite of the public – Button with a 99 percent probability will not appear in the new series. The girl grew up, she studied at the Moscow State University Fundamental Medical Faculty, intending to become a doctor. Based on this picture, Katya diligently christened herself: “From everyone I hear about the Button, but I have long been no longer the girl that I played in the series.” Katya has always wanted to move to England; according to some reports, this is where she is now and she will not be returning to her homeland to film.

Darya Melnikova,

30 years

Darya Melnikova.


(Zhenia Vasnetsova)

Daria admitted that the years of filming became “slavery” for her. And back to the series, apparently, she doesn’t aspire; according to KP, she will not continue. The situation is aggravated by the fact that in 2013 Dasha married Artur Smolyaninov, who condemned the SVO and insulted Russia. And even if Melnikova divorced the actor before her statements, she can’t rule him out of her husband’s biography. By the way, as Ivan Okhlobystin said the other day, Arthur also beat his wife. In marriage, she Daria gave birth to two children, whom she now brings up alone. As for creative affairs, this year the TV series “The King and the Jester” will be released, where Melnikova played the wife of rock legend Mikhail “Gorshka” Gorshenev.

Philip PALE, 34 years old

Philip Pale.

(Veniamin “Venik” Vasiliev)

From the slender bespectacled Venik, Philip has grown into a grown man and will probably play in new series. Pale’s brightest role in the “post-daughter” period was the image of Nikita Diaghilev in “Kitchen”. Philip has not yet formed a family, but it seems that it is around Venik, who managed to marry one of his daughters in the old episodes, that the plot of the new season will be built. Andrei Leonov, who played the girls’ father, said that the hero of Pale “will repeat my fate.”

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