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Friday, June 9, 2023
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How is the first unmanned Russian electric car?

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 13:08:45

Judging by the reaction, the president was pleased with what he saw.


The platform for a promising family of electric vehicles was shown to Vladimir Putin in the experimental workshop of the Obukhov plant. The company generally makes missiles for the military, but a few years ago the president instructed the defense industry to develop civilian products as well.

The head of the country was shown an experimental electric crossover E-NEVA. Putin examined it with interest and even looked into the hall. But this is not a real car yet, but a demo model.

Vladimir Putin was shown an experimental E-NEVA electric crossover.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade has created a foundation for the future family of cars. They are supposed to be unmanned. The cars will run on electricity only or on electricity and gas.

On a base, you are supposed to make cars of different sizes and load capacity.

– Continue. We need to expand the domestic market. I understand that there is much to do. But don’t give up,” the president said, holding up his finger.

Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov told reporters that the most important thing now is to decide on “industrial partners.” It is not enough to make a single prototype, you also have to find an industry that puts everything in series.

– We hope to fully calculate the economic effect in the coming months. We believe that it has prospects, – added the official.

At the same time, the E-NEVA crossover from the very beginning does not position itself as an alternative to Tesla.

“This category of cars is designed for the average buyer, while Tesla is closer to the business and premium class,” Manturov explained.

The plant also showed the president medical exoskeletons produced in St. Petersburg, mobile radio beacons for controlling equipment at the airfield.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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