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Friday, December 8, 2023
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How is the shooting of the lyrical comedy by Alexander Galibin “My terrible sister-2” KXan 36 Daily News

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:51:36

Sunny summer day. Sestroretsk near Petersburg. There is a game on the beach: a volleyball net divides the two teams. In one – Larisa Udovichenko, Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova, known to everyone as Glucose, in the other – Marina Yakovleva, Vladimir Yaglych. And in both – a girl. Sofia Petrova and Alena Malakhova play non-native sisters, who find themselves on opposite sides of the volleyball net, we note that despite their young age, they are already experienced actresses.

There is a scene of confrontation between two families, where each mother defends her son. But whatever happens to the characters in the film, the actors carefully support each other and do everything possible so that the ball does not hurt anyone.

“Our heroes do not have this clarification in their fists,” smiles Larisa Udovichenko, who has become Glucose’s “kinomam”, “but jokingly, some kind of ultimatum. This is a comedy. When I read the script, I was so happy: and because the role is characteristic, with humor, which I love. And because the story is about love, about tender relationships, but not without fights, because no relationship between sincere people can do without fights.” the actress gave her consent to star in Galibin without even reading the script, without even asking the director what kind of role he was offering her.It is curious that Sofia Petrova became the granddaughter of Larisa Udovichenko, as in the recently released series “The domino effect”. “So we already met as relatives,” laughs Larisa Ivanovna.

“My Terrible Sister 2” is a continuation of the story of two girls who desperately did not want the father of one and the mother of the other to marry, and in the end the heroines became friends, fell in love, and did so. their best to become a family. In the new film, another girl and two grandmothers appear, between whom sympathy also did not immediately arise, but, we are sure, everything will be fine.

“The second part turned out to be no less interesting than the first,” Alexander Galibin noted. “I will not reveal any secrets, but believe me, it contains a rather strong intrigue that is associated with the little sister of the young heroines. But this is not a story of actions, as in the first film, and relationships: parents, grandmothers, girls… We want to show how important it is to listen to each other, find a compromise and understanding, because these are necessary components of any relationship. .”

By the way, “My Terrible Sister-2” is already the sixth picture of Alexander Galibin. And nothing in it, as in his other films, does not remind Galibin, a student of Anatoly Vasiliev, whose theater was called “metaphysical” or “ritual.” Or about Galibin, a theater director, one of the first to turn to a new drama, whose authors postulate: only through pain is purification possible. As a film director, it turned out to be more important for Galibin to continue the line of Rolan Bykov with his deep attention to the inner world of the child and his experiences.

The heroes of Galibin’s paintings are not supermen on a mission to save the world, nor werewolves suffering from their otherness, nor students at Hogwarts wizarding school. Galibin is more interested in the most ordinary children and their actions. Some of them tell the goldfish that his father will return from the war, someone will re-educate his father. The little heroine of the film “Sister”, who survived the horrors of the German occupation, finds a new family in the Bashkir village. Surprisingly, this chamber drama has been breaking all box office audience records for more than a week, surpassing even blockbusters. “My Terrible Sister” was also warmly received by the audience, and the producers decided to have a continuation of the story filmed. Thus was born My Terrible Sister 2.

Alexander Galibin fundamentally avoids dark colors of any shades, even talking about the problems that arise in the relationship between parents and children. “It is important for me to reach the deep things of the family, love, relationships through irony, through a smile”, admits the director, “My deep conviction that an art as powerful as cinema must bring light, even talking about the hot topics.” Galibin found the atmosphere of lightness with a touch of fabulousness that he needed in Vyborg, with its medieval castle. The heroes of the first “My terrible sister” and its continuation walk through the narrow streets But even at the St. Petersburg tram station, at some point the atmosphere changed from everyday to festive, when a tram decorated with multi-colored balls passed the old car station.

“Alexander Vladimirovich, all the time you are ‘pumping’ us on the topic of not getting into any social sphere in any case,” Glukoza admits, “Yes, we are talking about some problems, but still on a high note. We have the intensity of passions, experiences, but still, all this is in a good way. Even the colors of the picture were chosen bright, delicate, fresh. I want the film to be light.”

On the beach in Sestroretsk, the filming of the film has been completed, post-production and release are ahead. Then we will find out that the sisters, their parents and grandmothers did not share, and we will find out how two girls who became relatives saved the family …

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