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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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How much does a Mercadona cashier or replenisher earn in 2023: wages rise

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 21:38:42

Mercadona once again raises the wages of its more than 93,300 employees, whether in its supermarkets, logistics blocks or offices. To be more exact, the Valencian company does so by 5.7% in 2023, which coincided with the CPI that fired December last year. The truth is that the company chaired by Juan Roig is not the first time that it has raised the wages of its workers in Spain at the beginning of the year.

The multinational, as it already did in 2022 at the end of the month, if you work as a cashier or stock clerk in one of its more than 1,630 stores spread throughout the Spanish geography.

Well, to answer the question about how much a Mercadona cashier earns, it should be clarified that the leading distribution chain in our country increases salaries progressively depending on the years they work within the company based in the Valencian municipality. of White Taverns.

How much does a Mercadona ATM charge per month in 2023

A Mercadona cashier who has been working in a store for less than a year and develops a job as supermarket staff, will go from charging 1,425 euros gross per month in 2022 to 1,507 euros per month. Therefore, once the second year is reached, it will go from 1,543 euros gross to 1,620.95 euros. This also occurs once it is exceeded in three years, whose amounts vary from 1,712.55 euros to 1,810.16 euros. Finally, once the four years are reached, it goes from 1,901.55 euros gross per month to 2,009.92 euros.

How much does Mercadona earn for 20 hours of work?

On certain occasions, the company hires ATMs or part-time cashiers, either 15 hours or 20 hours a week, especially in summer, such as the Christmas campaign or the summer holidays.

If you work 15 hours a week: 565 euros gross per month. If you work 20 hours a week: 753 euros gross per month.

The rest of salaries in Lidl, Consum and DIA Supermarkets

Consum announced at the end of the year that it was also raising the wages of its employees by 9%, which affects the payroll of more than 9,000 people. Likewise, the agreed increase will be used on other complementary concepts to the salary, such as overtime, night hours outside of working hours or festive hours that are paid for double their value, among others. In addition to the salary, the working members receive the cooperative return that corresponds to them annually from the results, together with the interest for their mandatory contributions to the social capital.

In the case of DIA Supermarkets, it should be remembered that it agreed with the unions on a wage increase of between 8 and 12%. On the other hand, it will also activate two special additional extraordinary bonuses for the full validity of the Agreement. The first of these will affect workers who will have a fixed annual salary equal to or less than 23,847 euros, who will receive an extraordinary bonus of 350 euros, the company has detailed. In addition, an exceptional extraordinary bonus was agreed, linked to a certain level of results in the year 2024.

In the case of the German Lidl, in June last year it agreed with the unions to raise the wages of its 15,500 employees by 7% this year and at least 16.5% until 2025. In addition, the German multinational will incorporate for the first time a salary review clause based on the CPI, being able to reach salary increases of up to 19% in four years.

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