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Friday, December 8, 2023
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How not to get legionellosis – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:41:16

Legionellosis is a bacterial infection, its causative agent, Legionella pneumophila, parasitizes in the body protozoa, amoebas that live in warm and stagnant water. Therefore, the main route of infection is through water. More precisely, the bacteria enter the lungs by inhaling the smallest droplets of water – an aqueous suspension, which causes severe pneumonia. This water aerosol can be released from closed water systems, for example, air conditioning systems, water heaters, swimming pools, and hot tubs, if rules for cleaning and disinfecting water are violated. Legionellosis is not transmitted from person to person.

How to protect yourself from legionellosis infection?

Protozoa infected with the Legionella pneumophila bacterium live in water at a temperature of 20-45°C. This temperature range favors the growth of legionella. That is why, for example, it is necessary to adjust the water heater to maintain a higher temperature, since stagnant water is dangerous. Legionella reproduce faster and if left undisturbed they prefer to live in standing water. To avoid stagnation of water, it is necessary to use water supply systems more often. This, for example, is relevant to countries’ local water supply systems. As for the water from the water heaters, it is recommended to use them at least three times a week. If you have just returned home after a long absence or have not used the water heater for another reason, before using it, you need to turn it on at full power for several hours, then drain the water, and then use fresh water. The water in decorative fountains at home or in the country should be changed at least once a week, and fresh water should be used in baby bathtubs and spas. Car wipers should be used daily (especially in the warm season) so that water does not stagnate. Hot tubs, swimming pools and Jacuzzis should be regularly disinfected and treated with antibacterial solutions. Water: Drain and change at least once a month, preferably more often. Pour boiled or distilled water into the iron’s steam humidifier, not tap water. When using inhalers, use sterile solutions, you can not use tap water. twice a year It is strictly not recommended for pregnant women and children under five years of age to use public hot tubs in water parks, hotels and sports clubs.

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