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Friday, February 3, 2023
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How not to overeat at the Christmas table

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 12:07:52

Worthy surviving the party ain’t that hard

Try to eat right and control your eating behavior. You are well done! But then come – the holidays. A terrible dream of all to lose weight. It is not so difficult to survive the party with dignity if you turn on the internal controller in time.

Rule 1: More movement.

Even at home, tune in: a vacation is not food. Actually, not just the food. Celebrate, dance, play, chat, hug, have fun. All this is much more interesting than eating salads and cutlets. And the figure will not suffer.

Rule 2: Don’t go hungry.

Have a snack at home so you don’t throw yourself on food at a party. In addition, from the first glass drunk on an empty stomach, you can get very drunk, and bye-bye, self-control.

Rule 3: Don’t eat, try.

Eating a full serving of each dish served will not prevent overeating. Therefore, in a spoon.

Rule 4: Load up on vegetables.

It is advisable to start the meal with the vegetable part: it is easier to digest, and saturation will come faster.

Rule 5: Be careful with alcohol.

Alcohol, especially strong alcohol, is very high in calories. Also, the more you drink, the more you eat. So more ice! Or dilute the drink with water. Give preference to dry wines, brut, prosecco: they have less sugar. And most likely, the next morning you will not wake up with a headache.

Rule 6: the cake is for tomorrow.

Sweet to ask to wrap myself with you. After the main courses, you definitely won’t be hungry, why gorge yourself? And the next day at home, a piece of cake will be perfect.

Rule 7: take a walk after the holidays.

Try to calculate the time you leave home so that there are a couple of hours before you go to bed. Take a walk in the fresh air to “perk up” what you eat.

“One more piece of advice: don’t run straight to the scales,” added Anastasia Egorova. – Contrary to popular and widely erroneous opinion, it will not work to gain even a kilogram of fat in a “pure” form for a hearty dinner. Not to mention two or three.

A person has two components of body mass. Stable: the weight of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. It changes slowly, over weeks and months. That is, to gain a kilo of fat, you have to eat a lot and not in one sitting! The unstable component is the carbohydrate reserves in the form of liver and muscle glycogen + water + intestinal content. For example, you ate an unusually large amount of carbohydrates at a party, each carbohydrate molecule collected 3 water molecules into itself (it has such a property). Also, the more you deny yourself carbohydrates in everyday life, the more you will store in the form of glycogen overnight. Add to all this a lot of salt (salads, pickles, fish), which also holds water for a while. In addition to what was left in the intestines. So I gained 2-3 kg overweight. It’s hard not to get upset at the sight of a jump mark on the scales, not to panic, not to give up on everything: they say, the barn burned down – burn the hut! And from prolonged congestion, you can also change a stable component of weight, and already thoroughly. So instead of weighing in, it’s better to rest, get enough sleep, and get back to your normal diet as soon as possible.

Anastasia Egorova talks more about eating behavior, nutrition-related myths, safe ways to lose weight, and then keeping your appetite in check in her book Eat Well! To live well you have to eat well! She talks about the difficult things with clarity and humor. And the main postulate of a nutritionist is that there are no prohibitions or harmful products. You should enjoy the food, but don’t forget about the measure.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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