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Monday, December 4, 2023
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How not to overpay for food for the New Year’s table KXan 36 Daily News

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 12:33:40

The most modest will be the cost of vegetables. Its cost (November to November of last year) has decreased. For example, according to Rosstat, potatoes cost 46 rubles per kg, and now 31 rubles per kg, beets fell from 42 rubles to 29 rubles per kg, carrots – from 45 rubles to 34 rubles per kg, fresh cucumbers – from 138 rubles at 134 rubles per kg. The price increase for the New Year will traditionally be, this time insignificant, since the harvest was high, they assure the Ministry of Agriculture.

And, for example, champagne with an average price of 428 rubles for a 0.75-liter bottle can be safely bought at the lowest price – 169 rubles for 0.75 liters. Retail chains cannot sell champagne cheaper. Said minimum sale price is established by the Ministry of Finance and is a guarantee that it is a legal product, not “burned”.

But as for other New Year’s products, here you can apply various tricks. For example, Igor Karavaev, president of the AKORT presidium, advises to pay attention to private label products from retail chains. As a rule, the cost of such products is lower than that of branded counterparts with the same high level of quality. Savings can be up to 20%. After all, such products are produced to order by retail chains, and manufacturers do not have to spend money on promoting them in stores.

Subscription services help to save money, as well as loyalty programs of retail chains, with the participation in which you can receive cashback and pay for a significant part of purchases with accumulated points. Studying the discounts and special offers of the retail chains will also help to optimize the costs. For example, retail chain Lenta offers a 10% discount to all customers who participate in the Lenta of Good Deeds New Year’s charity event, while Magnit and X5 Group offer a larger rebate for their favorite product categories. You can make your purchase profitable by using promotional codes.

The Chairman of the Board of the National Union of Meat Processors (NSM) Yulia Panferova says that now the prices for meat delicacies can be found even cheaper than last year. And it is unlikely that producers will raise prices for the New Year – the supply of meat in the country exceeds demand.

Somewhere ten days before the New Year, retail chains begin to increase discounts on their products. And fresh chilled meat in modern packaging can be bought a little in advance: it will keep perfectly in the refrigerator until December 31, the shelf life of such meat is up to 21 days, notes Yulia Panferova. You can buy sausages right now – analyze the level of discount in different retail chains and choose the option that you like best.

Usually, the consumer tries to enjoy delicious delicacies on New Year’s Eve. In this situation, the purchase of ready-made small cuts of 100-150 grams will allow you not to overpay – you can try as many different meat hams, ham, raw smoked sausages.

It is always a win-win option to buy a piece of meat and marinate it or buy meat already marinated from the manufacturer; this will cost less than the meat delights. Or you can treat yourself to a duck: according to Yulia Panferov, now duck production in the country is growing, and a duck can be bought at the price of a good chicken.

“There is an opinion that it has a specific smell and cooks for a long time. But now the fattening is such that there are no such shortcomings,” the expert notes.

There is also already marinated duck for sale, with apples, Peking style. Just take it out of the bag and put it in the oven.

It’s more difficult with a rabbit, but you can try to find stock from chain retailers.

Frozen meat is also a bit cheaper. But here quality cannot always be guaranteed. Russians like to defrost meat quickly: from the refrigerator they immediately put it in room temperature or even hot water. And so that the intra-protein bonds are not broken and the meat does not lose its quality and taste, it must be thawed slowly, more than a day in the refrigerator. If you choose frozen products, then you should also pay attention to the GOST sign in order to be sure of the quality.

The most expensive product for the New Year’s table is red caviar. In October, it cost almost 5.7 thousand rubles per kg. It is recommended to carefully approach the savings on these products, warns German Zverev, Chairman of the Public Council of the Federal Agency for Fisheries. The main factor affecting the price of red caviar is its quality. And it depends, among other things, on the type of fish, the catch area, the month of catch, production technology, salting recipes and more. However, you can always opt for more affordable products depending on the type of fish. For example, pink salmon caviar and chum salmon belong to massive species. However, this year you can also find red caviar at competitive prices. The sockeye salmon catch increased by almost 25% to 38.4 thousand tons. This has led to sockeye salmon caviar being found at lower wholesale prices than pink salmon caviar in the Central Federal District, although it is considered a more premium product.

As for red fish, in the European part of Russia the most popular species is salmon. “It has always been a premium product, but in the context of sanctions, its prices have risen significantly. The main volume is traditionally supplied from abroad. At the same time, our fishermen supply the domestic market with wild Pacific salmon caught in the far This We are talking about pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, etc. Yes, this type of fish is not as fatty as Atlantic salmon, but at the same time it is no less tasty point of sale – from large retail chains to markets. and specialty stores,” says Zverev.


How and how much you can save on New Year’s salads:

In “Rusprodsoyuz” for “RG” he calculated several options for the cost of Russian salad and herring under a fur coat (for a family of four).

Option 1: replace products with cheaper products

For example, instead of sausages, you can use turkey meat or chicken meat.

– If 1 kg of sausage costs 478.5 rubles per kg, then 1 kg of turkey costs 445.5 rubles per kg, and chicken – 181.6 rubles per kg.

– Then the cost of Olivier salad will decrease accordingly:

– from Turkey from 375.7 rubles to 365.8 rubles

– from chicken from 375.7 rubles to 286.7 rubles.

Option 2: use vegetables from your garden and homemade pickles instead of fresh, pickle the herring yourself

Then the cost of Olivier will decrease from 375.7 rubles to 310.8 rubles of sausage); up to 300.9 Turkish rubles; up to 221.8 rubles for chicken.

The cost of herring under a fur coat from home vegetables will decrease from 225.4 rubles to 194.2 rubles, and even lower if you pickle the herring yourself. You can also cut the cost of the salad by using homemade mayonnaise instead of store-bought mayonnaise.

Option 3: buy all products on sale or buy the cheapest offers in the category

So the cost of salads can be reduced by 1.5-2 times. For example, a jar of peas can be found for 35-37 rubles instead of 80 rubles.

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