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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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How Russia Prepares For An Ice Bath On Epiphany KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 16:45:41

Ice and heat guns

In Orenburg, the Epiphany bath will take place during abnormal frosts. For more than a week, the region’s thermometers have been around 30 degrees below zero. Therefore, an official place of ablution on the Ural River will be equipped in the city, and heat guns will be installed in the locker room. Utility companies have already started preparing the hole. They will equip two four-way Jordans. Safety during ablution will be provided by metal nets located inside the well.

Bath participants will be able to change clothes in shops specially equipped with lighting, hangers and benches. The director of the municipal institution “Housing and Communal Services” Artur Zamilov assured that the fountains will be completely ready by the evening of January 18.

Consult your doctor

Petersburg prepared two dozen Jordanians. The bath in them will take place on January 18 and 19. The main source will traditionally be the one located near the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

It is important to choose exactly one of these official Jordans. They are located in places where the bottom is checked, there are tents nearby where you can change clothes and drink hot tea. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police are on duty near them.

And, of course, doctors who are ready to help at any time. Medical teams from the Nevsky district will be on duty at the ice hole on the Neva near the Matrona Sandals temple.

“In the Epiphany bath there are cases of injuries. People slip, hit the ice, on the steps of the stairs. You can get sick with your heart, with glasses,” warns the head of the health department of the administration of the Nevsky. district, Yuri Ilyushin “Up to hypertensive crises and strokes. It happened after taking a bath, someone had to be urgently hospitalized. Therefore, before diving, you should think about your state of health. People with chronic ailments will not be superfluous for consult your doctor.”

bathing does not save

The Kaliningrad diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church has decided not to celebrate Epiphany bathing in 2023. According to church ministers, plunging into the hole on Epiphany night is a good folk tradition, but by no means a rite of passage. church.

“Bathing became massive in the 1990s. They are a kind of folk festivals where you can show the bravery of the brave, health permitting of course. The Church approves these types of celebrations, but does not organize them,” the information department reported. of the regional metropolis reported. about some mysterious and sacred essence of this action. The bath does not replace church services, does not save a person and does not make him Orthodox.”

But in Samara, in addition to the Volga Jordans, there are also fountains in some temples. In the Perm Territory, you can take a dip in the sources of the Belogorsky Monastery. The trip will cost about one and a half thousand rubles.

However, in the Kaliningrad diocese they noted: if the Orthodox organize themselves and prepare places for bathing, then they can invite a priest who will bless the water.

The region’s authorities have already identified four places for the Three Kings bath. All of them are located far from the regional center. In accordance with the experience of the last few years, lifeguards and police officers will be on duty in places of possible unorganized swimming.

The main thing is in the temple.

Epiphany Jordan in Izhevsk will be only on the Izhevsk pond, one for 600 thousand inhabitants. But consecrated (the ceremony will take place on January 18) and illuminated, a lamp post installed nearby will illuminate the Epiphany night.

The organizers assure: there will be no queues and hustle and bustle. The ablution process will go on: on the one hand, a person enters the source, on the other – leaves. A special design, similar to a children’s swing, should reduce the danger to zero. She has a bottom, a railing and steps. You will not have to walk on snow and ice either, they will put wooden walkways.

In total, 54 official sources will be equipped in Udmurtia, and only rescuers, police and doctors will be on duty next to them. The website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region already has their addresses. The rest are considered potentially dangerous and rescuers advise not to approach them.

The Ice Holes for the Epiphany Bath will be open for more than one day, from 6pm on January 18th to midnight on January 19th.

At the same time, representatives of the church in Udmurtia have repeatedly reminded that ablution is not the most important thing in the holiday. “The most important thing is done in the church, so you need to come to pray, confess, take communion. This is the most important sacrament that saves us from sin,” says Archpriest Roman Voskresenskikh.

source unites

The main feature of the Epiphany bath in Bashkiria is that representatives of different religions come to plunge into the hole. Muslims with the same pleasure plunge into the water and collect holy water.

The republic plans to equip 97 places for ablution – they will appear in every city and region. Seven fountains will be prepared in Ufa. In these places, as in other regions, rescuers, police and ambulance personnel will be on duty. They will set up heated changing tents, dry closets, as well as tent kitchens and hot tea points.

ice chapel

Tyumen residents are building an ice chapel for baptism. 50 sources are being prepared, 39 of them in the region. Today, Lake Lipovoye has been chosen as the main place for the January bathing of daredevils.

This is the territory of the AquaIsport Tempering and Swimming Center, popularly known as the “Lake of Champions”. Three ice holes are being built here, two large and one small, covered with a tent (for children and the disabled). And according to a long tradition, they build an ice chapel with a bell, in which an icon is frozen.

By the way, along with walruses at a Christian holiday, passing truckers carefully dive and plunge into the fountain. Drivers deliberately guess the travel time in order to be near Tyumen on Epiphany.

“On January 18, the priest of the Satisfy My Sorrows church will turn on our water, and in the afternoon you can take a dip,” said Andrey Agarkov, executive director of the hardening center.

no end

52 baths will operate in the Perm Territory. They are equipped on the banks of the Kama, ponds, rivers and near springs.

But underground swimming in the Kungur ice cave was again torn off by amphipods. For many years, everyone here in the Great Lake has been submerged. Two years ago, the prosecutor’s office forbade doing this in order to preserve the rare Khlebnikov crangoniks (amphibian crustaceans), which are listed in the regional Red Book. Bathing in the lake could kill them.

However, lovers of exotic bathing in the dungeon hoped that the ban would be lifted. But on the site of the Kungur cave, an announcement appeared that applications for underground baths were not accepted.

Another popular place for Epiphany bathing in the Kama region is the Plakun waterfall in the Suksun region. Announcements appeared a week ago that groups of people who wanted to travel to this place specifically for Epiphany were being recruited. But just a couple of days later, the organizers announced that the tour was cancelled. The reasons for this decision were not given.

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