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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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How soda imports are being replaced in the Far East KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 4, 2023 Time: 00:17:03

Last year demonstrated that in the conditions of the new reality, the socially responsible company finds resources not only for its own development, but also to ensure the tasks of the State, support the population and socially significant projects. This is the path that the Slavda group of companies, which has been on the market for more than 30 years, has chosen in its development strategy. About how Slavda Group copes with difficulties, overcomes limitations and at the same time improves the product line, upgrades the equipment and continues to adhere to its mission and corporate philosophy – in our review.

your useful tail

For a year now, the plant, located in an ecologically clean area of ​​​​the Shmakov resorts of the Primorsky Territory, has been producing a Far Eastern analogue of cola – the drink “Grink Cola”. The line contains both a classic version and a diet version, without sugar.

– We have been producing carbonated beverages for over 20 years and always trying to develop our own unique tastes. At the beginning of March last year, the largest retail chains in the Far East approached us with a request to start producing “Far Eastern” cola. The task was not easy: in less than a month, produce a drink, carry out a tasting, select flavors, request a label and raw materials. Our team did it, and buyers appreciated the new product, this is confirmed by the sales dynamics, – said Pavel Serebryakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slavda Group.

Imported cola by the sea has become a truly unique drink. Unlike many soft drinks, for the preparation of which, albeit purified, tap water is used, the basis of the new Russian cola is natural mineral water from local sources.

development vector

Launching new, high-quality products and supplying increased demand for them would not have been possible without a systematic renewal of the team. This policy is followed by Slavda Group. Three years ago, at the company’s plant in Vladivostok, a Chriwa brand water treatment system, manufactured and tested in Germany under special order, began to work. The modernization made it possible to triple the productivity of water treatment.

This year the reconstruction of production continued, but with the participation of domestic equipment suppliers.

In mid-March, a new A-6000-4 blow molding machine manufactured by CJSC “Kropotkinsky Zavod MiSSP” was put into operation at the “Skit” plant. As a result, the productivity of one of the lines almost doubled.

In addition, a new supply of high-tech equipment from a large company has already been advanced. This will allow more than doubling the productivity of one of the main lines of the “Skit” plant.

– Thanks to this, we can optimize the work schedules of the staff, make them more convenient and, of course, significantly increase the speed of release. But the main thing here is not just the increase in volumes as such: it is important to ensure quality, that is, to carry out water treatment without violating the unique structure of the natural mineral composition, – notes Pavel Serebryakov.

Environmental responsibility

The modernization and development of production, the development of capacities puts any modern company in front of the need to minimize its “ecological footprint”.

When dispensing drinking water, plastic containers are used. Since Slavda Group adheres to the principles of respect for the environment, the task of solving the problem of plastic waste arose. Thus, the eco-project “The Second Life of Plastic” was launched, which is being implemented jointly with the government of the Primorsky Territory and the Primorsky Environmental Operator. As part of the project, information stands and containers for the collection of plastic bottles, which are sent for recycling, have been installed in schools in the region, and environmental education classes are being taught.

An important part of the project is the provision of separate collection of plastic at city festivities, festivals and sports competitions held in Vladivostok.

The “Slavda” group of companies is implementing an ecological project “Second Life of Plastic”. Photo: Group of companies “Slavda”

However, Slavda Group’s social responsibility is not limited to environmental projects. The company’s mission and special philosophy is to support those who need it. This principle, established by the founder of “Slavda” Yuri Mikhailovich Serebryakov, the company has adhered to for all three decades of its existence and has not backed down now, at a difficult time for the country.

Responsibility for your

“Slavda” is one of the coastal companies that helps the workers summoned as part of the partial mobilization.

The group of companies for its mobilized employees has provided additional support measures in the acquisition of equipment. More than a million rubles have already been allocated for specific payments to families. A special service was created at the company, which constantly maintains contact with the relatives of soldiers and determines what kind of assistance they need in the first place.

In addition, the company responds to any request related to the need for products during emergency periods.

New Generation Health

Despite the difficulties that, like most companies, “Slavda” faced last year, the company does not plan to decrease the degree of its participation in the sports and cultural life of the region.

Today, the Far Eastern water producer organizes and supports major socially significant events, works with clubs and professional athletes, children’s institutions, and implements its own projects.

– We want athletes from the Far East to develop, so that sports are represented at all possible levels. “Slavda” supports both traditional sports: football, basketball, hockey, and youth, more extreme directions. We actively cooperate with children’s ski schools. We continue to develop our social and sports project Slenergy, this free online school format makes sport accessible to young people from any city in our region, said Slavda Group.

In May-June, Primorsky Krai will become the territory of tennis: as part of the Tennis Days in the Pacific Ocean, a series of high-profile competitions will be organized in the region, one of the main organizers is Slavda group of companies. .

They will open on May 1 with the annual regional youth tennis tournament Slavda Cup in memory of Yuri Serebryakov.

first class water

The company’s resilience, its desire to constantly improve production as well as its special healthy philosophy have been recognized at the highest level.

Last year, Slavda acted as the official water provider of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum. This is evidence of the high quality and safety of our products.

Launching new, high-quality products and supplying increased demand for them would not have been possible without a systematic renewal of the team. Photo: Group of companies “Slavda”

Another large-scale event for which “Slavda” acted as an official supplier is the international sports games “Children of Asia”. They were held in Primorsky Krai in the summer of 2022. Drinking water (about 86 thousand bottles in total) under the co-brand “Children of Asia” was provided free of charge to young athletes from 13 countries, the judiciary and team members of volunteers.

Among other sporting events that were not exempt from the participation of the water producer, there are many important marathons and other competitions. Therefore, it is no coincidence that at the end of last year the group of companies “Slavda” won in the regional nomination “For many years of supporting and promoting physical culture, sports and a healthy lifestyle in the Territory of Primorsky”.


The range of drinks that Slavda Group produces today includes about 80 positions and is regularly updated with new products, taking into account the interest of customers. Among them are the Far Eastern analogues of Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes and Doctor Pepper.

Drinking water for baby food “Children’s Slavda” and “Monastyrskaya” successfully passed all tests on 109 quality and safety indicators and entered the top ten best drinking water for children in Russia according to the conclusion of the Roskachestvo experience.


The geography of deliveries of the Slavda Group products: all regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. The group of companies includes two plants: “Slavda” and “Skit”. Water for bottling is extracted from the wells of the Glazovsky and Shmakovskoye reservoirs from a depth of more than 100 meters. At all stages of the production process, multi-stage product quality control is carried out in our own laboratories.

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