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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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How Tatarstan’s geophysicists became one of the best in the country KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 15:59:31

The formation of the trust coincided with the beginning of the development of the Romashkinskoye reservoir. The entire process of drilling a well is accompanied by geophysical studies: its location, the presence of oil deposits and its depth are determined. Starting from this, the tankers make decisions about the modes of operation of the wells and control the process of developing the field. So it was in 1953, when a geophysical expedition was formed on the basis of four games from the Bugulma field and geophysical office. It was headed by Fatkulla Mugallimov.

In the same year, it was transformed into an independent organization – the Almetyevsk Geophysical and Field Bureau (APGK). Anatoly Yarmin became its first manager. Production literally started from scratch. In 1955, APGC was headed by Vsevolod Tsvetov, a front-line soldier, an order bearer, on whose shoulders the organization of the coordinated work of all departments of the office rested.

From 1978 to 1998, the company was headed by Ulfat Maganov, a leading representative of the galaxy of early republic geophysicists-traders.

– The base of the expedition was located in the courtyard of a Shugurov resident. Poor equipment and all the equipment was in the hostess sheds. The group consisted of six or seven people. We went to the wells for 100 kilometers on a dirt road. In the summer they drove on board vehicles, and in the winter they carried the equipment on horseback, they themselves walked nearby, – the edition of Neftyanye Vesti quotes the memoirs of Ulfat Maganov.

Photo: PJSC TATNEFT press service

So the office was working on 7.8 thousand wells from the existing fund, on 440 drill holes, and that’s more than 12 thousand requests per year. It was a time of active introduction of methods and equipment for geophysical control over the development of oil fields, the transition to digital recording of well-drilling well-logging data. In 1999, Ulfat Maganov was replaced by Ramil Mukhamadiev, and at that time the company was called the Almetyevsk Department of Geophysical Works.

Since 2005, the team of geophysicists has been headed by R. Vildanov. It was then that they began to explore and develop hydrocarbon deposits using new technologies. In 2006, the company was transformed into TNG-AlGIS LLC, which is part of TNG-Group LLC. Since 2011, F. Makhmutov has been the director.

Since 2021, the company is part of Tatneft. The current leader, Rustem Mukhamadiev, continues to develop the society, in whose team there are high-class geophysicists. They have extensive experience in oil fields not only in Tatarstan, but also in Western Siberia, they are very well acquainted with the geology and development of oil fields in the republic. Specialists in their field are actively introducing the latest scientific achievements and developments in instrumentation, digital technologies into production. The work they do, starting with downhole measurements and ending with processing and delivering results to clients, is fully computerized and automated.

Thanks to qualified personnel and high technical level, TNG-AlGIS is constantly recognized as the best in the geophysical services market. Recently, the company became a diploma winner of the “100 best goods and services of Russia” program.

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