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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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How the “dirty” Liza Arzamasova turned into a beautiful girl: what will surprise the new “Cinderella”

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 05:47:07

The performance will surprise you with “bold fantasy, energy and dynamics!”

Typically, such performances are intended for family viewing. As the theater promises, the costumed musical production will give the audience a lot of positive emotions. Some theatergoers have already seen the performance and share their emotions. They are different.

Director Vyacheslav Starodubtsev is a virtuoso who “managed to make friends of Russian classical music with the melodies of the Golden Age of Hollywood” (whatever that means, but it says so on the theater’s website). In “Cinderella” there is “a cosmic world through the looking glass”, and “a cheeky, filthy tomboy who turns into a beautiful quivering girl and puts on the best outfit in the world.” In the role of Cinderella – Elizaveta Arzamasova. They wanted to joke that Ilya Averbukh would be the Prince. But no, not him, but Semyon Shevelin. The outdated cart will be replaced with a “refrigeration unit,” as the ad says.

In a word, the performance will amaze you with “bold fantasy, energy and dynamics!”.

Early viewers have already appreciated both the energy and the dynamics. And commented on social networks. The performance (with two intermissions) lasts 2 hours and 10 minutes. The performance itself consists of three acts of 25 minutes each. The remaining time is for the buffet/toilet during intermission, which has a total duration of 55 minutes. The time allotted for the intermission (read buffet) is almost the same as in the auditorium. Perhaps for a children’s performance (6+) that moment is normal. For some reason, it is believed that children do not sit still for more than half an hour. However, discerning viewers suspected a trap.

“KP” has already written that the theatrical buffet made the greatest impression on us since the opening of the Moscow Art Theater after repair. Prices at the “ART-buffet” – the most discussed topic of the updated Gorky Art Theater in Moscow. We gape at the glass case, reading the meanings. A sandwich with red caviar – 850 rubles, with black caviar – 3500. A glass of sparkling wine – 800 rubles. A bottle of “Champagne” – 14000 … Stop, stop, we will not discuss alcohol. Still, we are talking about the play “Cinderella”, although there may well be children’s champagne at adult prices. In any case, there is more than enough time to spend on a sandwich or a cake. Parents will not reject their children.

The public is very outraged by the tricks of the theater management and makes its proposals: maybe two half-hour acts with a 15-minute intermission? But then “sandwiches don’t buy themselves.” By the way, ticket prices for children’s “Cinderella” can hardly be called democratic: 1000 – 7500 rubles.


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