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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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How the “eyes” of Russian gunners work near Ugledar: the sky is full of helicopters, the Armed Forces of Ukraine look for gaps and “give” trophies

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:14:10

aerial reconnaissance work

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN


The Zelenka that appeared in recent weeks has become a real salvation for aerial reconnaissance and artillery. I was clearly shown how these two types of troops, the new and the old, the well deserved “God of War”, finally found a common language and began to work together.

Last week, they told me, “our artillery near Vuhledar worked so hard that the fighters cannot remember such heavy fire.” Track unusual APU activity. The enemy is constantly maneuvering along the front, he has enough roads.

The fields have dried up, now you can drive everywhere. Analysts and experts are right: the “Ugledar direction” may be interesting for Bandera’s “counterattack”, which will not start yet. There may be multiple goals. For example, the elegant Donetsk-Mariupol highway has just been repaired. From the first line to the same at your fingertips.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces may attempt, if not capture Volnovakha, then ease the strain on their troops from the last remaining forces defending Maryinka near Donetsk. Many options. Although, the officers of the OBTF (which stands for Operational Combat Tactical Formation) “Cascade” carefully noted, they say, “if there is an attack in the Ugledar direction, it is unlikely to be planned as the main one.” Instead, the auxiliary can easily become the main one, these are all probabilities that are difficult to calculate…”. In fact, it is difficult to calculate such plans of the enemy, they can be noticed and preferably as soon as possible. interrupt or stop

The Zelenka that appeared in recent weeks has become a real salvation for aerial reconnaissance and artillery.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN


Our artillery is no longer in one place, but wanders along the front line. We advanced to the front with the aerial reconnaissance “Cascade”, and somewhere far away, behind the soft green forest plantations, the engines of the trucks towing the artillery began to work. He moved at the same time. We hid the car in a shed, I suppose the artillery also found a secluded place for itself. We ran across the edge of the field and immediately plunged into a cozy forest plantation. The reconnaissance guys, looking at their watches, turned on the radio, unpacked the helicopter. Literally a hand with a helicopter sticks out of the bushes, the second aircraft controller quietly says: “I’ll pick it up,” and the car rises into the sky like a sail. Here, briefly, on the walkie-talkie:

– Boa constrictor-strike of luck. We are working.

Literally a hand with a helicopter sticks out of the bushes.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

I look over the operator’s shoulder at the tablet. Landing after landing flashes under the helicopter, the operator moves his lips, counts them. Finally, the helicopter freezes, at a distance of 300 meters from the landing, it is difficult to understand with the naked eye that this is a fortified area. But the helicopter turns the camera from left to right, and I see how the glass of the bottle flashed in the sun, then a reddish spot of discarded soil jumped out of the landscape – they dug at night and did not have time to disguise the dump. Finally, a garbage dump with bright green packets of dry rations is clearly visible. When they fade in the sun, they become even brighter, more noticeable. Our rations blend better with the terrain.

A whole series of commands are fired to the radio, the meaning of which is completely incomprehensible to me. But at that very moment, at the limit of hearing, a gun rings out and a white space appears on the tablet screen. The wind lazily carried the smoke towards the field. Undershot, but the observer is satisfied:

– Boa constrictor-strike of luck. Excellent. “West – 10”.

Another arrival is already in the forest plantation.

– Boa constrictor-strike of luck. Great, let’s go to these (coordinates. – Auth.)

Arrival by the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

And behind the green, hitherto thin forests, the gunners warmed up, and one space after another appeared on the tablet screen.

The guys only intervened occasionally, adjusting the fire on arrivals:

– Boa constrictor-strike of luck. “North 20”, one more (projectile. – Author) and one more… Come on!

K-52 flashed over the edge of the field

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN


We were interrupted by our own plane, we heard the distant rumble of the propellers. One of the air traffic controllers backed the helicopter:

– “Record player”, when they leave, they jam everything around us and us, of course. You can easily miss the helicopter.

Two K-52s flew over the edge of the field, followed a little further behind by the Mi-8. I flew this past summer for an attack in the Kharkov region (read on KP.RU). There is a doctor and a fire support team in this helicopter, their task is to evacuate the crew if our car is shot down. I couldn’t resist asking:

– Guys, now we have unrolled the enemy fortified area. And in response, do they pile up?

The boa constrictor laughed under the mask:

– There is a big difference. We throw them the 152 caliber and they give us the 60.

I demonstrated my knowledge of the peculiarities of the Ugledar address:

– Are these Polish mines? “Silent”?

– Well, they are silent, because the expelling charge is weak, the exit from the mine is not heard.

– Yes, there the mortar itself can be worn behind the back on a belt, it is made of composite materials …

– Good. And the worst thing is that they have these mines, just lots. They can, for example, throw a hundred at a time in one square: they make up for their low power with an amount, as if hitting with a machine gun. In general, the Poles patronize them well. The other day, such a stone was found in urban areas, our colleagues flew up, dropped a bomb on them, that’s all.

I ask the second scout, with the call sign “Boston”:

How does the enemy feel now?

– He has little equipment at the moment, but he is trying to enter small groups. If our drone noticed this, that’s it, the end of the offensive. Now the battles have become different, helicopters and artillery are fighting. Therefore, the enemy is trying to take us by surprise. Maneuver all the time, but I would not say that it has somehow increased here. Everything comes in waves: footfalls, turning back.


The reconnaissance plane dropped us into the village, where we left the car in a shelter. The close rear, everything possibly hidden. The fighters say: “Sometimes, here we have rush hour, our drones, strangers, how they don’t collide in the air, it’s incomprehensible!”

As confirmation of these words, I hear an absolutely fantastic sound in the air – a lawnmower flies across the sky. It flies very slow, heavy, obviously not ours, what should it do here? At the end of this strenuous flight, we hear a loud thump to the ground from a large mass, but no “bulge” occurs. A little later, they explained to me that it was our electronic warfare that intercepted a Ukrainian drone loaded with explosives and dropped it to the ground far from the village. I did not go to look, the sappers will continue to work there.

American machine gun “Browning”

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

The boys show me trophies and curiosities. The first to show off is the department officer “Ruyan”. Combat officer, he arrived at the barracks after being wounded by what they were showing me, an American Browning machine gun. They took it in one of the fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ugledar. Completely complete, even with instructions in Spanish and a form. It seems like a curiosity, but what to do with it? Ruyan laughs:

– Our Utes is even better, but he cannot stock up on this cartridge, and there is still nowhere to get it. There are a couple of boxes, but this is for two minutes of battle. Perhaps you will write to the museum to take it away?

Technical documentation

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

I firmly promise. “Ruyan” shows me his machine gun. It is engraved “under Khokhloma”, released in the late 1980s, and reads “2 B” in a fancy pattern. Presumably, with this machine gun, a special forces soldier of the 2nd separate guards brigade fought in the Second Chechen. He immediately fell in love with the Ruyan machine gun and with the help of the broken Azov regiment (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), he decorated it with a tuning forearm, a pistol grip and a rear shock absorber. I could not stop, I bought a bipod, a scope and a single-point belt already for myself.

Machine gun with Khokhloma engraving

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN


A fighter with the call sign “Culinar”, a Siberian, from the mobilized, look at our voices. The “Culinary” seems to have come out under Ugledar directly from the pages of the ancient Russian chronicles. In his hands is an Izhevsk hunting vertical. Knowing that since 2014 a large number of pheasants have bred in the Donbass, I am not surprised. Pheasants even sometimes interfere with passing cars. In general, the pheasant soup at the forefront is not an exotic restaurant. I wish “Culinar” traditionally “no fluff, no feather”, but he tells me the unexpected:

– I hunt plastic birds, drones. Here the fraction “troika” will be filled, starting from 60 meters. I recently bought the gun myself.

– Did you manage to hit someone?

The interlocutor answers seriously:

– Not yet, but I will, I have a faithful eye, I have hunted since I was a child.

“Culinar” says that this hunt is dangerous. If the operator notices that his drone is being hit, he can also drop ammunition on the “hunter”. But “Culinar” does not hunt alone, but with comrades armed, as he says, with “electro-pistols”.

I remembered the words from the Boston reconnaissance plane:

– We fly with confidence, they confidently try to land us. But we have capable hands and golden heads, so they are rarely successful. And besides, we have a Siberian hunter. And such people will not be handed over to the enemy, either from Europe or from across the ocean.


Returning from the Ugledar address, I immediately posted a message on social networks: the captured Browning machine gun wants to fall into good hands! Strictly to the museum! Already in the morning I found two letters in the mail: from the local history of Donetsk and Lugansk. The machine gun is eagerly awaited. Whoever gets it, let those who got this trophy with blood decide.


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