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Friday, March 24, 2023
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How the most famous Russian child actors live and how much they earn

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 03:26:59

In the recent STS series “Tía Marta”, Vita had the main role: the girl is called “aunt” because she solves adult problems. Photo: Still from the film.

In general, its function is technical: to indicate the paternity of adult characters. But some still manage to find their place in the profession. For example, Vita Kornienko (pictured) starred in 99 films.

And a huge rotation: today they call you a star and shoot a lot, and tomorrow you have grown up and you are no longer needed, you are no longer suitable for the role of a cute baby, and God has not given you talent (see Poul Anderson’s film ” Licorice Pizza”). Some manage to stay in the profession for life. For some reason, it seems like these guys have more opportunities than others.

Vitaly Kornienko, 12 years old

99 papers*

If a fragile girl with a pale, serious face is needed in the painting, her name is Vita. With a high degree of probability, she will be 13 years old on May 18 in the status of an actress, in whose filmography there are almost a hundred paintings.

Of course, for the most part these are small roles, but there are also big roles. For example, in the film “Ice-2” about a girl who, against the will of her father, wants to become a figure skater, like her mother. Critics did not like the picture, to put it mildly, but forgave the Vita – for a great game. And for her role in the Better Than People TV series, the young actress was even nominated for the Golden Eagle award.

Vita entered the cinema at the age of 2 years. Her older sister, Victoria, was already filming (she is now a sought-after actress, she is 22 years old), and her mother was walking with Vita not far from the set, or even right on it. The filmmakers noticed the baby and offered her mother to send her to the cinema. She now she is filming non-stop, in addition, she voices cartoons; for example, Anna speaks of her in the girlish voice of her in Frozen-2 in Russian dubbing.

Vita loves filming, manages to do her homework during breaks, and does well in school. The girl assures that she has enough time for everything: for the ukulele guitar, and for the quick collection of the Rubik’s cube, and for Spanish lessons, and for girlfriends. She connects her future with cinema, but not necessarily with the acting profession: Vita wants to be a director and producer.

Where else was filmed: “UZZZ”, “Major-4”, “Aunt Martha”, “Vampires of the Middle Band”.

Martha Kessler, 13

56 roles

This Martha was seen by viewers of the Disney + channel from around the world in the television series “The Secret Society of Mr. Benedict.” Photo: Still from the film.

Most of the time pay attention to his huge eyes. But mesmerizing doll appearances aren’t the only ace in Martha’s acting platform. Actress Alena Babenko spoke about the incredible charm of the girl, who makes everyone listen to her every word. Having starred in fifty films and tried herself in the theater, Martha kept surprisingly modest. By the way, she especially appreciates the theater: she says that two days before going on stage she feels butterflies in her stomach.

Martha’s mother, the ballerina Anna Rebetskaya, danced at the Bolshoi. In childhood, the girl starred in an advertisement for diapers, and when she turned 3 years old, people from the cinema saw her photo. Martha in the frame is not just a “beautiful girl”, she is entrusted with complex dramatic roles. Among her achievements are the main roles in Alexander Galibin’s drama “Sister” and in Konstantin Khudyakov’s film “Moth”.

Her career abroad is also progressing slowly, so she became Martha Kessler (this name is easier for foreigners to pronounce than the real one – Timofeeva, under which she worked until 2021). The actress was fluent in English without an accent and starred in the American television series The Secret Society of Mr. Benedict on Disney+, playing one of the four main characters.

Where else was filmed: “Row 19”, “Union Salvation”. Time of anger”, “My terrible sister”.

Savely Kudryashov, 13 years old

46 roles

“Epidemic-2” – in a second the hero Saveliy will throw himself on a grenade (with his serial mother, actress Maryana Spivak). Photo: Still from the film.

This year, the guy plans 5 premieres at once, including the main role in the fairy tale Baba Yaga. And last year was marked by the success of the series “Epidemic-2”, in the finale of which Savely’s character heroically dies, throwing himself on a grenade, saving his mother and other adults.

His career began 6 years ago, with the filming of commercials promoting jam, juice and chocolate paste. In his spare time, he fishes, plays soccer, and manages to study for a five.

Where else was filmed: “Sklifosovsky”, “Trigger”, “Pilot”.

Eva Smirnova, 10 years old

23 roles

Each respected actress on the set has a personal chair.


If you don’t immediately understand what series you’re watching, Eve may be to blame; sometimes there are 2-3 projects with her participation at the same time. Most of the time, she is taken in the role of hooligan girls. Having played a couple of dozen small roles in the role of “someone’s daughter”, Eva got to more significant images.

One of the most striking was the role of Mila in the second season of Vampires of the Middle Band. According to the plot, the heroine of her is an old vampire of more than 80 years, but in the body of a girl. The actress brilliantly showed herself in difficult scenes, where it was necessary to play in such a way that it became clear what a difficult life Mila had lived. She and she is now filming in the new series of the revived “Daddy’s Daughters” (together with Vita Kornienko).

Eva dabbled in serials and movies through television. She starred in “Children’s KVN”, she presented the TEFI award, her partners were Andrey Malakhov and foreign agent Maxim Galkin. It all started with the program “The best of everything!” – Eva arrived there at the age of 4 years. From a young age, the girl is engaged in an acting studio and retired as a model for clothing catalogs.

Eva began 2023 with a bang: the film “Cheburashka”, where she played the capricious and rude daughter of the owner of the Rimma factory, broke all box office records in Russia. The actress played such an unpleasant person for the first time and honed her acting skills on set.

Where else was filmed: “Against everyone”, “Nastya, gather!”, “Lisa and the magical layout”, “Plague!”.

* The number of roles is indicated according to the kino-teatr.ru database.


How much do they earn?

The work shift of an adult actor lasts 12 hours. Children, of course, are spared – they spend on the site up to 4-6 hours maximum. Conditions are created for them so that during breaks (for example, when the scene is rearranged, the light is changed) they can relax and do their homework.

According to the information of the casting directors we interviewed, a child taking his first steps in the cinema receives a little for a day of shooting – 5 – 10 thousand rubles. And that’s if we’re talking about a full episode.

The salary of an experienced young artist is already higher – 20 – 50 thousand rubles. Finally, youth actors with star status, like our heroines, are already earning in an adult way – 50 – 100 thousand rubles. for a day of shooting, or even more.

How do you get into the movies?

As a rule, success is not due to chance, but to the work of the parents. Simplified, the scheme is as follows:

– A child is photographed from the cradle for a professional portfolio – someone needs to advertise baby food.

– Pictures are regularly sent to casting agencies.

– From kindergarten age, the child is enrolled in theater circles and studios.

– Develop “related skills”: dance, voice.

– The boy is tirelessly driven to auditions.

Here, of course, it is important to stop in time if the child does not have acting skills. Not everyone can be an artist. The main thing is to have a happy childhood. Otherwise, it will turn out like the TV series Aurora (2022, starring Lena Tronina), where her mother wanted her daughter to be an actress so badly that she broke her life in the process.

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