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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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How the tariffs for housing services in Moscow have changed KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:52:14

The latter now costs 24.09 rubles. from the “square”, and the content will now cost 31.63 rubles. per 1 square meter m – this is the rate for houses with an elevator and a garbage chute, relevant for residents of the second floor and above. It became more expensive by 3.15 rubles. – was 28.48 rubles. A month earlier, on December 1, the rates for public services (electricity, heating, water, etc.) also increased. The “RG” correspondent calculated how much the entire payment system will rise in price and how this increase can be reduced.

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To begin with, let’s talk about home maintenance: many do not even know where the money from this line goes. But she is one of the most expensive on the bill! These funds are received by management companies that are dedicated to the repair and maintenance of homes, that is, the money is used for the salaries of plumbers, cleaners and janitors, changing light bulbs at the entrance, minor repairs, etc. The rate depends on several factors; for example, if the house has a garbage chute, then it is higher, and if not, then it is lower. The same story with the elevators. And those who live on the ground floor pay even less, they do not need an elevator or a garbage chute.

Also, this fee may be higher if such a decision is made by the tenants themselves at a general meeting of the house. The fact is that the city sets a minimum fee, which includes a minimum set of services. If you suddenly want to hire a gardener on the staff of the management company, and also require him to wash the entrances twice a day, then this will require more money. Therefore, housing maintenance in new buildings often costs more – management companies try to immediately approve a high fee to reduce expenses with income. But most Muscovites still pay the minimum rates: they are used by the Zhilischniki district, which serves hundreds of Moscow high-rise buildings.

As for the revision, it is easier – now everyone will pay 24.09 rubles. from 1 m2 M. Last year, this figure was 20.99 rubles. Muscovites pay more for capital repairs than residents of other regions, but the program in Moscow is being implemented on a completely different scale. For example, last year 1,700 houses were renovated, including 90 residential architectural monuments, while in other regions the numbers are many times lower.

In addition, I remind you that public services -heating, water, sewage, etc.- have also increased in price since December 1 of last year. True, the next time the tariffs increase only on July 1, 2024, you can forget about increasing the tariffs for utilities for a year and a half.

If we take a conditional family of three Muscovites living in a “kopeck piece” with an area of ​​​​50 “squares”, then only an increase in prices for maintenance and overhaul of housing will add a little more than 300 rubles to your invoice. It is more difficult with public services, since they are mostly metered and depend on the consumption of each individual family. But, on average, this will also add a couple of hundred rubles to the “Total” amount.

How to save

The benefits should offset the increase in tariffs for the most vulnerable categories of Muscovites. Since the new year, social payments have been indexed at 10%, which is designed to smooth out the effect of rising prices. In the capital’s economic policy and development department, “RG” was told that in total, 3.5 million people use the benefits to pay for housing and communal services in Moscow – one in four residents of the metropolis. This year all benefits have been preserved, as well as housing subsidies.

The latter are notable because you can get them even if you don’t have any preferential status. The main criterion is that the costs of utilities should exceed one tenth of the family budget. All income is taken into account: salaries, pensions, allowances, scholarships, etc. At the same time, there is a bar for the maximum family income: if it is higher, the subsidies will not be seen.

For those who live alone, this bar from January 1 is 59.8 thousand rubles, for families of two people – 92.6 thousand, and families with three citizens – 129.1 thousand This is relevant for owners who they pay contributions for the review, they are the majority. The maximum income bar goes up every time rates increase, so there should be more potential subsidy recipients now.

More than 800,000 Muscovites are receiving benefits in the capital today. More than 80% of them are pensioners. Beneficiaries also include the unemployed, families with many children, students, single mothers and other vulnerable categories of people. The average payment per family is almost 3.2 thousand rubles. The amount depends on the amount of income and expenses for housing and communal services: the subsidy is designed to bring spending on utilities to 10% of the family budget.


To apply for a subsidy, Muscovites can apply online through the official website of the mayor’s office mos.ru or by personally contacting the My Documents Public Service Center (MFC). You can also find all the details on how to make payments and on the benefits for paying utility bills on the website of the city center for housing subsidies gcjs.mos.ru. You can also ask a question by calling the unified reference and information service of the Moscow government: +7 (495) 777-77-77.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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