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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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How the United States profits from the death of Ukraine and the crisis in Europe: The main schemes

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:38:16

Photo: Vitaly PODVITSKY

There is an old, but very accurate expression: “For whom is the war, and for whom is the dear mother.” And while dozens of mobilized Ukrainians trapped in the streets are sent to their graves every day, while Europe reels from its own sanctions against Russia imposed by the Americans themselves, businessmen and politicians across the ocean barely have time to count. the huge profits that have fallen into their accounts and their pockets.


From March to November of last year alone, the Americans handed over 47,000 tons of all kinds of weapons and ammunition to the kyiv regime. As early as June, US military corporations had managed to make almost $30 billion from these deliveries, twice as much as all other Western countries combined. The stock prices of the largest US military and industrial companies shot skyward like a crane. Literally a month after the start of the CBO, the price of a Lockheed Martin share rose from $354 to $453, an increase of 28%. Shares of Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics rose between 14 and 20 percent in the same short period.

Abroad, they hope that the conflict in Ukraine will push NATO members to modernize their own weapons, which is already happening. But since a lot of new systems are coming from the United States, money from Europe will flow there. Politico reports that high-ranking European officials in private conversations say directly: The United States is taking advantage of us.

Another lucrative plan is that US aid to Ukraine is not allocated in “real money” that kyiv could spend as it sees fit. “This is virtual money, it is delivered in the form of certain goods purchased from American manufacturers,” explains political analyst Dmitry Levy, who specializes in military issues. – In particular, these are weapons systems, the price of which is significantly inflated. Therefore, the United States is investing in its own economy. Thanks to such investments, companies produce weapons at lower prices and then sell them at exorbitant prices to other countries.

The Lend-Lease law for Ukraine, signed by Biden and approved by the US Congress in May of last year, stands out. Up to 53 billion dollars can be allocated, and kyiv is unlikely to be able to pay even a fifth of this amount. And sooner or later Washington will demand compensation. The ways will turn out to be very different: the provision of territories for military bases, the implementation of projects beneficial to the United States. And the most important and shameful is the transfer of fertile Ukrainian land to foreign owners.


Until very recently, pipeline gas from Russia was Europe’s main energy resource. Everyone in the Old World was happy. But the United States did not like this at all. Firstly, a lot of money went to the hated Moscow, and secondly, Europe, according to Washington, was becoming more and more addicted to the “Russian energy needle”. And this is a political crime!

However, the crime was not political, but quite real, committed by Washington himself. When he took and blew up the Russian oil pipelines in the Baltic “Nord Stream-1” and “Nord Stream-2”. The well-known American journalist Seymour Hersh has just described all this in detail. We have a lot to say about his investigation. But in the US – dead silence. It is understandable, because in fact it was an American terrorist attack that put an end to the supply of Russian raw materials to Europe.

How about in return? Please, dear European allies, get American shale liquefied gas 2.5 times more expensive than Russian. Did the Russians supply it under long contracts concluded many years ago? These are your problems. And now we will trade at current prices – $1,200 per thousand cubic meters. But beware, the US shale players have just admitted that they have already reached a ceiling and will not be able to increase production to cover the shortfall. Pioneer Natural Resources director Scott Sheffield Mol said the Americans have increased energy supplies just to take advantage of high prices in Europe. So it’s just speculation.


Here is another cheeky gain of the Americans from the Ukrainian events, which you will not find in history. The United States has frozen or blocked $330 billion of Russian assets abroad. The US has even created a special task force called “Russian Elites, Proxies and Oligarchs” that will deal with the forfeiture of Russian assets. Washington has just announced (for the first time in history, in violation of the main capitalist commandment) the confiscation of a Russian businessman and, by the way, a true patriot of the Russian land, Konstantin Malofeev, 5.4 million dollars, which had been holding before 2014, believing in international financial obligations. “I have approved the first transfer of seized Russian assets for use in Ukraine,” US Attorney General Merrick Garland said. True, kyiv will definitely not receive this money; they will go to pay for American deliveries to the plaza.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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