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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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How the West responded to Putin’s message: who is lying, who is intimidating and who understood everything

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 05:25:55

Many comments were caused by Putin’s assessment of the actions of our enemies.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Western politicians and media tried to present Vladimir Putin’s speech to the Federal Assembly as “another manifestation of Russian aggression.” Part of the speech of the President of the Russian Federation, who said that our country has withstood countless American and European sanctions, has not only preserved its potential, but is also building it, including in the economic and social sphere, is generally left out. the attention of Western analysts. Otherwise, one would have to explain why the “total collapse of Russia” that was vociferously predicted a year ago did not occur.

But Putin’s assessment of the actions of our enemies that provoked the conflict in Ukraine, as well as Moscow’s announced plans regarding strategic offensive weapons, provoked much comment. They were considered “anti-western”.

US Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Jack Sullivan has called Russia’s decision to suspend participation in the START-3 Treaty “disappointing.” “No one is attacking Russia. There is something absurd about the idea that Russia was under some kind of military threat from Ukraine or someone else,” Sullivan said.

– NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has assured himself and others that “there are no signs that President Putin is preparing for peace.”

– The American publication Politico considered that the speech “repeated a series of grievances that the Russian leader used to cite as an excuse.” It is also said that “Putin has promised not to abate hostilities in the Ukrainian territories, apparently rejecting any peace initiative in the conflict.”

– The New York Times concludes that “Russia is ready to intensify hostilities. But Mr. Putin, as his speech makes clear, believes that time is on his side, because the people of Ukraine may still revolt against his rule and the West may face political turmoil.

– The British The Sun scares: “The central message was clear: Putin blames the West for the conflict in Ukraine. But in one of his most extraordinary moments, he made a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons, declaring that Russia’s very existence was now at stake.

– The German Bild also appeared in his repertoire, declaring the Message “boring propaganda” with a choch. “Putin saved the only significant statement for last, jeopardizing the fate of the START treaty.”

– But the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles no longer gives biased assessments: “Criticized by Westerners for alleged “imperialist” leanings, the Russian leader turned the tables on the United States, pointing out that no country in the world has such a number of foreign soldiers. bases around the world such as the US”.

– According to Philippe Gelly, deputy editor-in-chief of the French newspaper Le Figaro, the suspension of Russian participation in the START-3 Treaty is more of a formality. “Dialogue between Russians and Americans has not taken place for the last year. There is a certain military logic to suspending talks on arsenal cuts.”


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Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly promised to be special. The last time the president addressed deputies and senators was almost two years ago. But it is clear that the words of the head of state will be addressed not only to parliamentarians, but to all residents.(more)

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