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Friday, February 3, 2023
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How to declare in the Income a tenth of the Shared Lottery without paying more

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 05:46:50

One of the questions that arise the most when collecting a winning ticket from the Christmas Lottery Draw is what we have to do if it has been shared with more people so as not to pay the others in the next Income Statement, corresponding to the year of 2022, and then not having problems with the Tax Agency for the following year. That is why, from Taxfix, a platform to carry out the income of the income, they give the keys so that everything goes as the declaration and there are no misunderstandings with the AEAT.

Currently, of any prize that exceeds 40,000 euros, 20% corresponds to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, currently led by María Jesús Montero, so that only the winners of the Gordo (400,000 euros per tenth), the second prize (125,000 euros for the tenth) and the third (50,000 euros for the tenth), will see their prizes reduced by taxes.

How to declare a winning tenth in the Income of 2022

Clarify in a press release that this is done automatically when the tenth is going to be collected, so, a priori, there is no need to do any paperwork. However, when filing the income statement, the lottery prizes must be included in the “Equity Gains and Losses not derived from the Transfer of Assets” section, since, if their origin is not indicated in the income statement, the treasury could interpret that it is, for example, a donation and tax it with the Inheritance and Donation Tax.

It is also worth mentioning that, although the Christmas Lottery prizes do not have an impact on the personal income tax base, the possible returns that this money obtained can generate for the winners must be declared, such as bank interest or the purchase of shares. that generate dividends.

What if the Lottery prize is shared? treasury explains it

If the tenth has been shared, it must be taken into account that, while the tax will be calculated on the global prize, each of the people who have received the prize must include their proportional part in the Income statement. The same happens when it comes to charging. In order to do so, all winners must identify themselves to the bank that will make the payment of the prize. And, in the event that it is not possible to bring everyone together, there is always the possibility of designating a person in charge to carry out the procedures on behalf of all.

However, this person in charge must be designated by means of a public document signed before a notary by all the owners of the tenth. As with the tenths collected individually, it is advisable to indicate where the amount distributed by the person in charge of collecting the prize comes from in the income statement so as not to cause confusion in the Tax Agency.

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