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Friday, March 1, 2024
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How to determine your biological age? – Russian newspaper

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 22:40:38

“Just don’t forget your sports uniform if you want to get tested,” the author of the methodology, associate professor at the Department of Sports Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation Svetlana Runenko, advised me when we made an appointment. Of course he wanted to. The test turned out to be easy.

It’s that easy to test flexibility. Hands on the castle? Excellent result! Photo: iStock


“Scientists and doctors of various profiles use many methods to determine bioage, choose their own options to determine youth and aging indicators. Geneticists focus on biomarkers associated with genome features. Dermatologists and cosmetologists pay attention to elasticity of the skin and the severity of wrinkles Cardiologists are important indicators of cardiac activity “, – explains Dr. Runenko. At Sechenovka, they set out to create a universal methodology that not only determines biological age, but also helps manage it.

The idea is this: after passing the test, a person will receive a visual image – his fitness profile and will understand why he “passed” several years compared to his passport, and this will increase motivation to take care of himself. In addition, it will become clear what to do, because an action program is attached to the image.

The calculations use those indicators of health that a person can influence himself. A big plus of the technique is also that you can use it, with some reservations, even without the involvement of a doctor.

During the test, several key parameters are checked: performance, endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. For each age, its own “golden mean” (average normal level of each parameter) was calculated. If you compare your data with the age norm, it will immediately become clear by what indicators a person remains at “his” age, by what indicators he corresponds to more “younger” (or “older”) ages.

For the final result, the “contribution” of each indicator is evaluated in points (1 point = 1 year). If you show better results than your peers, you will receive points with a minus sign and your biological age will be lower than the calendar age. If the indicators turn out to be worse, the scores will be with a plus sign, and the bioage will be higher than in the passport.

how are the tests

First, basic data is entered into the program: age, height, weight, blood pressure, and resting pulse. Then determine the composition of the body: the percentage of fat, skeletal muscle mass, and fluid. This is perhaps the only test stage at which a special device is needed – a bioimpedance analyzer.

To understand the state of the heart and blood vessels, we need stress tests. I had to get on and off the cube for three minutes at a certain pace and immediately count the pulse. The smaller he grew, the better.

Besides. To assess the work of the press, I had to do gymnastics, lie on the floor and raise the torso for a minute, the more repetitions, the greater the result. The condition of the muscles of the shoulder girdle was checked by push-ups. Fortunately, I got the “light” option – push-ups on the knees. How lucky for the female sex. Men have to do push-ups on a full “bar”. (It’s nice that they don’t force you to get on the horizontal bar – here I would definitely escape the test.)

Finally, there were mere trifles left: checking what I have with my back and flexibility. I had to lie on my stomach and lift my shoulders off the ground; the longer you held the pose, the stronger your back muscles would become. Flexibility is tested as follows: first, from a sitting position, lean forward in the fold, trying to straighten your arms as much as possible. And then stand up and clasp your hands behind your back (see photo). Hands on the castle – excellent, spreading fingers – mediocre. If you don’t understand, the exercises will help you. Here all the slouching and many hours of sitting in front of the computer came to the fore.

Aim for the blue zone

“All test data is entered into a program that will evaluate each of the parameters, calculate your biological age and create a fitness profile – a graph that reflects the test results on a color scale,” explains Svetlana. Runenko in the upper age standards blue runner. Or at least in the green zone of the averages. This “lucky zigzag” will clearly show your weaknesses and tell you in which direction to move.”

And so it happened: with my “zigzag” I received a program of action. Not good with lung capacity – you need aerobic endurance loads. Not Very Cardio: Here’s a list of workouts that will come in handy and exercises to avoid. At the same time, I remembered what my ideal weight is and found out how many calories to eat per day in order to return to it. After a couple of months of classes, you can take the test again, to check if you managed to “get younger.”

“My dream is to make our tests accessible to everyone, to carry them out in gyms and health centers. Now we are working in this direction,” concluded Svetlana Runenko.

Infographic “RG” / Leonid Kuleshov / Irina Nevinnaya

By the way

Such a diagnosis does not have to be made internally. Sechenov University offers a self-assessment system using the website/app fittatus.online. You just need to register, enter your data and pass almost the same tests (with the exception of bioimpedanciometry). The program will calculate the biological age, create a profile of physical condition and give recommendations on physical activity and nutrition. And even offer to send a reminder to go for a second checkup, in a month.

Direct speech

Managing your health is possible

Evgeny Achkasov, Professor, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation, Sechenov University:

– Back in Soviet times, academician Yuri Lisitsyn derived the following formula: our health is influenced by four main factors: genetics (heredity), ecology (the conditions in which we live), medicine and lifestyle. But the contribution of these factors is not equal. Surprisingly, medicine accounts for only 10%. The contribution of the hereditary factor and ecology – 20% each. And the main thing that affects our health is 50%! it is our way of life. This is good and bad.

On the one hand, it is clear that we should not depend on doctors who are required to treat us and help keep us healthy. There is no “magic” pill that guarantees eternal youth. On the other hand, the most basic things that make up our daily lives affect our bodies in the most significant way. This means that it is in our power and abilities to manage this process. It is good that more and more people understand that the most correct thing is to take care of health and strengthen it, because it is much more difficult to return it than to maintain it.

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