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Monday, March 4, 2024
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How to find a profitable part-time job in Russia: four tips from a financier

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:34:26

First of all, try to find a main job that will bring you a decent income.

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“So that you live on a salary!” – such a wish in Soviet times was akin to a curse. Salaries, as a rule, were small, so many tried to “spin”. Among the legal ways to earn additional income was a part-time job: students unloaded freight cars at night, men got jobs as porters in grocery stores, women knitted or sewed to order…

And it seems that not much has changed since then. 67% of Russians surveyed by the Rabota.ru service admitted that they had part-time work experience. True, additional work does not bring so much – 47% earned no more than 10 thousand rubles. Serious money, out of 100 thousand, managed to get only 11% of respondents.

But the answers to the question of what the Russians spend their extra money on were unexpected. Thinking of children and traveling? Does not matter how! They mostly spend them… on themselves, on their loved ones (48%). And among women, this percentage is even higher: 56%. The second most popular response is to close a loan (17%). See “Clearly” for more details.


Shabashka is not for everyone

– This is not a sociological study. According to Rosstat data, the number of so-called part-time workers in the country since 2006 has not exceeded 3 million people, while there are just over 70 million citizens working in the country. In 2019, for example, there were only 1,755 part-time workers. Even the number of those who want to work additionally, according to Rosstat, is from 6 to 8 million in different years, that is, no more than 10%, – says Alexander Safonov, professor at the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation. . – Of course, the main motivation of those looking for additional work is money. But not everyone can afford to earn extra money. When there is full employment, it is unlikely that the worker will be able to find a decent part-time job. But about a million of our citizens are on leave without pay or, by agreement with the employer, are not employed full time. Therefore, they are often forced to look for a part-time job. There are specialty categories where many have additional fees, such as doctors, teachers, cultural workers. Thus, there the shortage of personnel is covered. And if you take, for example, miners or shift workers who leave for several months somewhere in the north or in the taiga, well, where can you find a second job?

According to the expert, the family factor also influences the desire to find additional work. Singles look for a part-time job more often than married people. If we compare Russia with other developed countries, then the citizens there do not strive to occupy all their time with work. Although a lot depends on the country, the employment contract, salaries and the availability of free time.

Tips for those who want to find additional income

Recommendations of Professor Alexander Safonov

1. First of all, try to find a main job that will bring you a decent income. The labor market situation now allows it, there is a shortage of workers.

2. Look around you: maybe in the main workplace there are additional areas that you can do and earn money from them. At the same time, show the employer that you are capable of more.

3. Try to look for additional work in your specialty, in those areas in which you already have knowledge and experience.

4. If you are still looking for additional income, take a closer look at seasonal part-time work options (in the summer it is the tourism sector, public catering, picking berries, vegetables, fruits, etc.).

Photo: VALIULIN nail

Photo: VALIULIN nail


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