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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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How to get a specific reference to a university and what documents you need to prepare KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:05:29

In 2023, the target admission quota at universities will increase. This means that more places will be awarded to applicants who ask for instructions from employers. In the medical field, for example, 75 percent of the places in universities will be received by selected people, in the aviation industry – 40, in defectology education – 30.

Selected students will enter the universities through a special and preferential competition, but in return they must work for the employer for at least three years or pay a hefty fine. If five or ten years ago, compulsory work was perceived by many as a punishment, today a guaranteed job is more like a bonus. So, we say where we are going for the target address.

Moscow City Prosecutor’s Office

Pre-registration of potential targets is already underway. The interviews are also starting. The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office can give a specific reference to study at the Institute of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Moscow State Law Academy named after. Kutafin and the Faculty of Law of the University of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation. How do we act? We go to the website of the prosecutor’s office, section “Applicants”, call the indicated phone numbers and make an appointment. What is there to cook? An autobiography, a passport, SNILS, a reference from a school, a certificate with qualifications, a medical certificate, a certificate from a drug dispensary and some other papers.

In other regions, prosecutors have a similar scheme. But the deadlines for receiving the documents may vary. In Krasnoyarsk, for example, candidates for a specific area must collect documents and declare themselves no later than March 1.

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky

At this time you can request a specific reference to the Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State Technical University. Baumman and MPEI. What specialties are offered to the target beneficiaries? For example, mechatronics and robotics, applied mathematics and physics, information systems and technologies, aeronautical industry. TsAGI is located in the city of Zhukovsky, so we go to the official website, call the necessary numbers, and with documents – on the train!

What, besides a guaranteed job, will get the goal? Supplement to the scholarship for a good study of 3-5 thousand rubles a month, the possibility of part-time work from the fourth year.

Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Here you can get a specific address for such prestigious universities as, for example, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MEPhI, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Aviation Institute. The specialties for which a destination address can be obtained are purely technical: aircraft, missile systems, devices and systems for special purposes. In a more or less “lyrical” way only mathematics and computer science are applied.

The questionnaire can be completed right now, the company offers three universities to choose from.

Federal Tax Service of Russia

Addresses are given by both regional departments and individual inspectorates. Information about the announcement of the contest should be found on the official website of the Federal Tax Service. In which specialties can I get a tax reference? For example, business computing, jurisprudence, applied computing. The reception of documents will begin in April-May. It is not necessary to make an appointment for a personal appointment and to overcome the tax thresholds. If you decide to request a reference, in the spring you will need to go to the site every day and have a packet of documents ready.

Ministry of Finance of Russia

From the department, you can get a specific address for economics, jurisprudence, applied mathematics and computer science, and sociology. Information about the target audience will be in the “contests” section. Last year, it was announced in the middle of the May holidays, on May 5th. So keep an eye on the official site.

Ministry of Labor of Russia

In the ministry you can take a direction to the economy, state and municipal administration, jurisprudence, social work, information security. There will be an official announcement on the website about the acceptance of documents.

Departments of health of Moscow and Saint Petersburg

In Moscow, the destination address will be given only to those who graduated from Sechenovka Pre-University, a medical or chemical-biological class at a Moscow school, a medical college. Applications and documents will be accepted by the Health Department from May 16 to June 12.

In St. Petersburg, a complete list of hospitals, medical centers and clinics in need of target patients will be published on April 1. But it is already known today that, for example, the St. Petersburg City Polyclinic No. 8 is ready to send 23 specific patients to study at three St. Petersburg medical universities.

Department of Health of the Moscow Region

In addition to the three metropolitan medical universities, you can also get a referral to the Ryazan and Tver state medical universities. Plus RUDN and Moscow Regional State University. Where are the targets waiting? For example, at the First Resurrection District Hospital, at the Kolomna Central District Hospital, at the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital, at the Odintsovo Regional Hospital.

Unfortunately, a common all-Russian information platform for specific people has not yet been created. Therefore, the only way is to view the department and organization pages separately.

What documents are needed for the destination address:

– A statement that you will participate in the contest.

– Questionnaire. Sometimes they may also ask for an autobiography.

– Copy of the passport.

– A copy of the work book (for those who worked).

– Medical certificate 0/86 Y or conclusion that there are no contraindications to enter the civil service. You may need a certificate from a narcological or neuropsychiatric dispensary.

– If you are under 18 years of age, you must have parental consent to participate in the competition.

– Consent for the processing of personal data.

– A certificate or a certificate from the school on academic performance for grade 10 and the first half of grade 11, for graduates of the current year. Sometimes a reference from the school is also needed.

– Photos (not always required).

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Hansen Taylor
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