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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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How to get from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow with a dog – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:56:50

Meet Traktor, or rather VIP Traktor (that’s what it’s called according to its documents). American Bully, 2.5 years old. Despite his threatening appearance, he is an incredibly kind and gentle breed that really needs his person.

Photo: Elena Melikhova/RG

First I will dwell on the methods of transporting a pet that I have pointed out. The first is a specialized animal delivery service. In this way, four-legged animals travel around the country when the owner does not have the opportunity to do so on his own. As a rule, these are cargo and passenger minibuses converted for the transportation of animals. Strong cages are installed in the cabin and different animals travel simultaneously along the route: dogs, cats, goats and other moving pets. The delivery of a dog from Rostov to Moscow today costs between ten thousand rubles, while transporting a cat costs five thousand. Along the way the animals are fed and, if necessary, walked. The trip lasts about 17 hours.

Actually, this is a good option. But at the same time, the animal still experiences stress: an unfamiliar environment, transportation, barking, meowing, bleating from fellow travelers, and also a great chance of contracting something from relatives; We had a negative experience, and after the trip, the puppy. had to be treated.

The second possible option to transport a friend is the train. But there is a limitation on the “dimensions” of the pet. Russian Railways delivers dogs, but you can only take one miniature poodle or lap dog in the carriage. If the pet, like mine, is more “serious”, weighs 30 kg, and we travel together, we must buy the complete compartment. Let’s turn on the calculator: on average, the price of a compartment trip is five to six thousand rubles. The result is 20 thousand rubles, despite the fact that the trip can last from 17 to 25 hours, depending on the route.

It was decided to go by car. First of all, we are together. Although the journey is stressful for the animal, it is not scary in the company of its beloved owner. Secondly, there is no contact with other animals. And you can also stop at any time to let the Tractor do its damn job.

Photo: Elena Melikhova/RG

For me, as a driver with almost 20 years of experience, a trip of 1100 km is quite long. I love driving, but I mostly drove shorter distances. Therefore, I took an assistant with me so I could change on the way. While one drives, the other rests. And it was the right decision.

The navigator offered two route options: one route would take 11 hours and the second 16 (if toll roads are avoided). But then the mileage would also increase by 170 km. And therefore the gasoline consumption. That’s why we choose to travel on toll roads.

It’s worth noting that if the goal was simply to travel, I may have considered other options, especially since the navigator presented up to two additional routes. One – through Millerovo, Veshenskaya, Uryupinsk, Borisoglebsk, Tambov, Stupino, the second – through Boguchar, Voronezh, Yelets, Efremov, Shchekino, Serpukhov. This is a great way to see the beauty of different regions, with the opportunity to stop, visit interesting places, get acquainted with the sights and local cuisine. But we continued our task: to get there as quickly as possible, because there was a passenger in the cabin following us.

A separate moment is preparation for the road. Before setting off, you not only need to study the upcoming route, prepare, but also relax. We took sandwiches and water. For the dog: a toy, bowls and ammunition.

We left on Sunday night, around 11 pm. The M-4 Don highway is smooth and level. Everywhere there are signs and warnings about the speed limit (we observe it impeccably), and the navigator also warns about video cameras. Most of them moved at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour. It took us several hours to travel through the Rostov region. She is big and beautiful. The breadth and extent of the Don fields are impressive. In many places the route is illuminated, which is important when driving at night. I was especially happy with the long stretch of road, where it was as bright as day. And at the same time there are practically no cars (maybe we were lucky). This was the first section of the toll highway. When he finished, we approached the barriers. If we had a transponder, the money would be loaded instantly and the barrier would open automatically. The transponder is good for those who frequently travel on the roads: it not only saves time when there is a large influx of cars, but is also 15 percent cheaper. True, the device itself, which must be registered with Avtodor, costs from four. to ten thousand rubles.

Photo: Elena Melikhova/RG

We pay in cash. Since there were few cars at that time, payment at the window took a minute or two. And we continue forward. For this first illuminated area they paid more: 550 rubles. In total we passed ten barriers. The cost of travel through toll sections is 170, 220, 340 rubles. The total amounted to 3,070 rubles.

We refueled three times. The first time we filled the tank was in the Aksai district of the Rostov region, then in the Voronezh region and in the Tula region. The price of grade 95 gasoline was the same everywhere: 58 rubles and 90 kopecks. In total, we spent about seven thousand rubles on it.

Photo: Elena Melikhova/RG

Along the way there is a place to have a snack and go to the bathroom. At gas stations there are shops and cafes with tables. But we only buy coffee. A 0.4 liter glass of cappuccino or Americano: 350-400 rubles.

The route is very convenient; ignores populated areas. This is a great advantage for us. But, again, for travelers it may be better to be able to go to the city. Plus, you don’t have to drive on the toll road all the time. You can combine them: posters offer other options. We stopped several times on the side of the road to walk the dog and get something to eat. We enjoyed the beautiful landscapes, where the fields were replaced by forests, rivers, lakes… We met the dawn on the road in the Voronezh region.

The first traffic jams already occurred at the entrance to Moscow and in the capital itself. Despite it being Sunday, we had to stop in the Domodedovo area. Our trip lasted 12 hours including all stops.

It should be noted that the dog resisted the path perfectly. He was probably more worried. He was just worried at first. And then, like a real trucker, Traktor looked to the sides or forward with interest. And I got really worried when they went to a gas station without him. And most of the time he slept peacefully in the back seat.

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