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Friday, February 3, 2023
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How to get rid of fatigue and really relax on the New Year holidays: important advice from a psychologist

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 13:33:07

“To enrich your vacation, you need to carefully plan your weekends,” says psychologist Vasilisa Averyanova. – Yes, yes, exactly the same as you plan your working days. Make sure that every day is full of impressions. Today – lunch with parents, in the evening – a trip to the theater. Tomorrow morning a walk in the woods, in the afternoon – a museum. And put it all in the glider! He will remind you not to wallow in front of the TV all the time, great things await us!

1. Mode is required.

Especially with schoolchildren. If on January 1 you can still afford to relax and lie in bed longer, then on the rest of the days try to maintain a more or less familiar routine. “Yes, you can go to bed and get up later than on weekdays, but try to arrange getting up and going to bed at about the same reasonable time,” says Vasilisa Averyanova.

2. Be sure to take walks or active sports.

Make sure you reserve time for walks and outdoor activities: skating rink, snowballs, slides, skis… Don’t leave the gym. It is advisable to devote at least one to two hours every day to active games and sports.

3. Organize a maximum of new experiences.

For example, going to exhibitions, to theaters, taking a walk through the beautifully decorated city center… Even going to the cinema is already something new (especially if you haven’t been there for a whole year).

4. Don’t forget the romance.

Allow yourself a little romance! If you have small children, risk leaving them at least a couple of hours in the care of relatives or call a babysitter. And go somewhere with your loved one.

5. Find time for hobbies.

If you have a hobby, give it at least forty minutes every day. This will not only cheer him up, but also please him with pleasant results. For example, knitting for the holidays with a jumper or a beautiful Christmas tree composition that was made with the children. Or the music you composed, a poem, a drawing you made.

6. Visit with board games.

If you are visiting, think of something fun so that you do not sit at the table all the time: you can organize a theatrical performance with the children, you can play outdoor games or at least fun board games. The more impressions the brain has, the better it will rest from the work routine.

7. Register impressions.

Try not only to get impressions, but also to leave them as a souvenir. Take photos of memorable moments, share emotions on social networks with friends, keep a diary. So you will enjoy twice: the first – during the most pleasant event, the second – when you re-read your memoirs or look at photos.

Happy holidays to you!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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