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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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How to get rid of the polling station if you are on vacation: you only have two excuses

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:27:34

Since the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, called the General Elections in Spain for next July 23, being part of the polling station has become a nightmare for more than one voter to date. In that second half of June, a high percentage are already enjoying their vacations and that is why the Central Electoral Board (JEC) has finally decided to include the prior hiring of a vacation trip as a possible cause for you to free yourself to form part of the polling station of your school even if they notify you.

But be careful with this exception because it will not be enough just to present the travel documentation to be able to continue on vacation without having to be president or member in the next elections and this new decision to be able to use the library for having contracted a trip will only affect the next elections. The JEC has warned that the exemption for not being part of the polling stations if a vacation trip has been hired before May 30 does not modify the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime (LOREG), but is an agreement “exclusively” for these elections and remember that it is the Zone Electoral Boards that must assess the allegations.

According to the agreement that the JEC has adopted this Thursday to respond to different requests that asked to issue a new criterion that would exempt a voter from the polling stations if they had hired a trip, it would be “inappropriate” to modify the LOREG to add a new cause so personal and express.

However, it stresses that the “extraordinary” circumstance of the date of holding the general elections in the middle of the holiday period leads to a specific agreement being reached. “Unlike what happened in other electoral processes, on this occasion there is the extraordinary circumstance that the date of the celebration fully coincides with the phase in which the displacements typical of the summer period are usual, given that the Public Administrations themselves, companies or educational centers, among others, concentrate on the summer months the programming of their vacation period to which citizens reasonably adapt their forecasts”, the text of the agreement affects.

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For this reason “exclusively for the present electoral process” the Zone Boards are asked to see valid the excuse of having contracted the vacations before the electoral call and the economic damage or serious disorder that their cancellation may entail. However, the feasibility of the excuse falls to the Zone Boards, which when assessing the allegations must take into account as the “main criterion” and that “the difficulties that absences could entail for the full integration of the tables

Secondly, in order for the allegation to be endorsed, the interested party must provide documentary evidence of the due advance notice of the contract, as well as the economic damage or serious disorder alleged. The JEC indicates that it has adopted this agreement in the exercise of its function of unifying criteria set by LOREG.

The draw to be held by the municipalities for the formation of the tables will be between June 24 and 28 and the notification will be made within a period of three days from that draw. The voters will have seven days to carry out their allegations, which will be resolved five days after their presentation.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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