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Friday, June 9, 2023
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How to monitor the objectives of the Spanish Urban Agenda?

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:47:18

Cities will experience exponential growth in the coming years. According to figures from the United Nations (UN), in less than ten years, there will be close to a billion more people on the planet. An unstoppable growth that arises from the need to accommodate and guarantee essential services to an ever-increasing population, and which poses a clear challenge: to guarantee that all people enjoy the services and resources necessary to live safely, healthy and fully .

In order to achieve this objective, it will also be necessary to overcome certain obstacles. One of the most important is the climate emergency context we are going through. The alarming reality of climate change has forced a reaction on the part of all the agents involved to try to find alternative production and consumption models that guarantee respect for the environment and even contribute to its restoration. Thus, it is intended to guarantee fully sustainable development that does not compromise the access of future generations to essential resources and services.

Both companies, institutions and administrations as well as society itself must collaborate in order to jointly face this and other great challenges, and turn them into a source of opportunities to build, together, a better future.

One of the tools provided for this purpose is the Urban Agenda. A document that aims to serve as a guide for the improvement of cities and municipalities and their adaptation to the challenges that are predicted in the immediate future. Of an indicative nature, it sets a series of primary and secondary objectives in order to create resilient, sustainable, healthy and fair environments.

The Urban Agenda is a solution to the challenges that are predicted in the immediate future

Despite being a great opportunity for improvement, it is true that meeting the objectives set in the Urban Agenda poses its own difficulties. The biggest of these is probably the complexity involved in monitoring the different actions proposed and their degree of efficiency in meeting their objectives.

valuable information

In this context, digitization can provide the necessary solutions to facilitate compliance with the objectives defined in the Urban Agenda. From Dinapsis, the network of hubs for the ecological and digital transformation promoted by Agbar, a solution to this problem has been developed, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA). This digital service is based on the creation and association of various indicators for the different purposes set out in the Urban Agenda for each territory. In this way, the pertinent administrations and authorities can allow easy and real-time monitoring of various indicators related to the objectives established in the Urban Agenda of each territory.

The data obtained from different sources, whose security is guaranteed thanks to the Dinapsis cybersecurity teams, are integrated into a digital, accessible and intuitive platform. From this platform, you can consult and evaluate various elements that determine the state of the municipality in temporary graphs and other visual components. In this way, the necessary data and valuable information for decision-making were provided, making it possible to quickly assess whether the actions undertaken by the administrations are being effective when it comes to achieving the objectives set out in the Urban Agenda.

For example, the various data obtained related to air quality can inform us, efficiently and quickly, on whether the various initiatives undertaken to improve it are having the desired impact. By being able to easily compare data, relevant teams and administrations can reinforce those advantages that are working and correct those that are not contributing to their goals.

This platform provides the necessary data and valuable information for decision making

In addition, there are other specific fines for which the data obtained from these sources can also be used. During the process of elaboration of the Urban Agenda, the different municipalities can, in the same way, evaluate the state of the territory and prioritize the most urgent actions for its improvement.

The implementation of Dinapsis’ digitization and monitoring service for the Urban Agenda can also contribute to improving the relationship between administration and citizens, as it will contribute to greater transparency of their initiatives, policies and results derived from them.

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