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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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How to store winter clothes

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Before ordering clothes storage bins, decide where you’ll put them: in the back of the closet? in drawers under the bed? in a special compartment in the dressing room? This will depend on the size of the boxes. In them we will put hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters and jackets, already washed or dry cleaned. It would be useful to put an aromatic dish, a bag of lavender or just cotton wool soaked in cedar oil in a box with knitwear. Down jackets in the container should not be tight, otherwise they will lose their shape. If the boxes are opaque, it is better to sign them.

Knitwear should be cared for before storing, as stains and odors attract moths. Eucalan is a gentle favorite of fashion geeks and knit designers for hand washing sweaters. There is an unscented washing gel in the line, but we would choose a bottle with essential oils of eucalyptus or lavender – the smell will scare away insects.

Shoes should be shipped for storage with mold holders inside. They will straighten out cracks and wrinkles that form on leather boots during the fall-winter season. Ordinary crumpled paper or plastic pads will also cope with the task, but it’s not a shame for a beloved couple to buy cedar shoe racks – the tree perfectly absorbs moisture and deodorizes shoes from the inside.

The moth is pain! The balls work like a repellent: they are non-toxic, fragrant, and only visually aesthetic. A natural alternative to chemical beads and other moth products that are often harmful to pets.

The coat should not be stored folded, but on a hanger and in a special wardrobe trunk for breathing. Don’t forget to throw cedar balls or a scent plate into your pencil case or coat pocket.

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