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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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How to survive the heat and not suffer: Five simple solutions

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 09:35:47

Not every person can survive the hot weather without experiencing health problems: dizziness, fainting, heat stroke, increased pressure.

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In many regions of Russia, it rained for most of the summer season, there was a strong wind, and the air temperature barely reached +15 degrees. And now, at last, the hot summer has come. The air temperature in some places rises to 35 degrees above zero.

It seems that you can rejoice, finally go swimming, sunbathe and put warm clothes on the farthest shelf. But there was another problem, along with hell and ill health. Not every person can survive the hot weather without experiencing health problems: dizziness, fainting, heat stroke, increased pressure.

Everyone knows that in such weather it is necessary to drink more water than usual, wear light clothing made of natural fabrics and hats, and not walk during the most active sunny hours. But there are other ways to solve the problem. In this article we will tell you how not to become a hostage to the scorching sun and spend hot days with pleasure, and not in a hospital bed.

Self-massage “Anti-sick”

First of all, our brain and our autonomic nervous system take care of the hot blows of the sun. In order for the brain and other organs to continue to work stably, it is necessary to perform a simple self-massage – these are three easy exercises that will take three minutes.

– It is necessary to press hard on the earlobes with the thumb and forefinger;

– Press firmly in the center of the nostril with the lower lip and the chin with the thumb;

– Connect the tips of the thumb and little finger and press hard.

Green will save you from congestion.

Take a look around you: there is a lot of green around us. It is he who will help to escape in sweltering weather. Pay attention to your diet: does it contain cucumbers, zucchini, greens, zucchini, leafy salads? If not, then you urgently need to fix it. Green products create a cooling effect.

Also, when choosing sunglasses, focus on lenses with a greenish tint. According to psychotherapist Tatyana Klimenko, the green color stimulates the nerve endings well in the background, which is necessary to maintain the normal tone and thermoregulation of the body.

What to do if there is no air conditioning at home

If you decide to stay at home when it is hot, but there is no air conditioning, a cold bath will save you. But don’t rush. Just fill the tub to the brim with cold water and leave the bathroom door open. As a result, the air in the apartment will cool down, and it will not be so dry.

Another assistant will be the simplest fan. Many will ask: “so the air in the apartment is still warm, what’s the point?”. But it will be good if you use the fan correctly. You need to put him on his feet, lie on the bed and not hide anything.

What to do if the pressure jumped during a walk

First, remember to drink more water. Second, urgently return home. Take the necessary medications previously prescribed by the doctor. After that, you need to lie on the bed and cover your head with a damp towel.

What to do athletes when it’s hot

One of the most popular tips from doctors in hot weather is to refrain from physical activity. But what about those who live by the motto “Sport is life”. In fact, everything is very simple – you do not need to completely abandon your favorite business. It is enough to change the type of training. Give up heavy weights, weight machines and active games (football, volleyball, basketball). On hot days, it is better to give preference to light aerobic exercise: yoga, swimming, calm walks. At the same time, it is better to do sports before 10 am or after 8 pm (at this time the sun is less active).

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