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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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How Ukrainian drones were able to fly to Moscow and whether they are seen by satellites: answers to the main questions about the drone attack

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 18:43:41

On May 30, Ukrainian drones attacked buildings in Moscow.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

– How did the Ukrainian drones manage to fly to Moscow, 600 kilometers from the border with Ukraine?

– Judging by the information that I have after talking with our air defense specialists, several attack drones were used in the attack on Moscow. But according to those “pieces” of downed UAVs that were collected in different parts of Moscow and the Moscow region, it is not so easy to establish the “pedigree” of Ukrainian drones. We will know later, after the conclusions of the experts. So far, it is only clear that these drones were quite large, airplane-like, with a good wingspan. This is no longer a children’s toy. Such drones are capable of flying up to 500-1000 kilometers.

Why haven’t they been shot down at the border yet?

– The Ukrainians have not launched such a swarm of drones at the same time. It was the first attack of this magnitude in the history of the NWO. The burden on our means of detecting and destroying drones was severe. It took time to distribute the order of destruction of targets, the direction of their attack. Our air defense passed this exam with dignity. Only one “small” made it to Moscow, and even then electronic warfare specialists were able to “get the brains out” of these drones. As a result, the drones’ ammunition firing systems simply did not work.

– Were the drones launched specially at night, so that during the entire flight the locals could not notice and point them out?

– Yes, as one of the air defense officers said, the Ukrainians deliberately launched an attack on Russia, like the Nazis, at the time of the greatest sleep. Although the “tails” of enemy drone flocks were already approaching the target in the light. So they were seen by the residents of those areas over which the drones flew. The main thing is that your flight (in most cases) was seen by our radars.

– Did our satellites and other equipment observe its trajectory?

– It was our reconnaissance satellite that first raised the alarm. And the biggest difficulty in tracking the flight of the drones was that they were maneuvering in height and course, sticking to the riverbeds and lowlands, “hiding” behind the hills. And for some time they disappeared from the radar screens.

– What conclusions should our military and ordinary citizens draw?

– Condense the country’s air defense and electronic warfare system. Especially in the Ukrainian direction. Actually, Vladimir Putin also said this: “We understand what needs to be done to condense our air defense.” The special operation shows that it may be time to move from object-based air defense (covering individual cities and facilities) to a continuous regional one. And we must also look for new effective ways to deal with massive drone attacks.

And citizens must first of all not panic to the delight of the enemy and not spread false rumors.

– Isn’t it time to call on our citizens to stop uploading videos of air defense operations on enemy drones to the Internet?

– Some appeals to the conscience of citizens are unlikely to help. We need an assertive and daily propaganda that we live in a special time, that it is impossible to put on the Internet what the game does to the enemy. The state must tell its citizens where the information limits are, beyond which it is impossible to go. Indeed, often by sharing “sensational” information, a person reveals the location of our air defenses or sows panic. It is necessary to explain to people the “rules of the game” and strictly ask those who violate them.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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