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Friday, March 24, 2023
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How “Ukrainian” propaganda works

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:12:20

pavel durov


In Nezalezhnaya, they began to talk about the fact that “it is necessary to fight with the Russians” 10 years ago. Igor Ashmanov, a member of the Human Rights Council and president of the analytical company Kribrum, told KP about this.


– Igor Stanislavovich, now there are a lot of fakes on the Internet. There is an information war going on. Who is winning?

– Looks like we’re losing. Everything is full of Ukrainian and Western propaganda… On the other hand, there are no riots in Russia, our people generally understand everything that is happening around them. But on its own territory, Ukraine definitely wins. Everyone there has been reflashed in the last ten years.

– When the accident happened?

– I have a friend who owns a sociological agency in Ukraine. They regularly measure attitudes towards Russia, and it turned out that it broke even in the summer of 2013. That is, even before the Maidan, the pros and cons intersected. More people in Ukraine began to say that the Russians are bad, they must be fought.

Why did they manage to do it so easily?

– There are several sides. The first is the ideological operators. The so-called CIPSO of Ukraine (Center for Information and Psychological Operations. – Ed.). It is operated by the 77th London Information Special Operations Brigade. About 50-60 great PR agencies work for this team, hundreds of people who really know a lot. They were involved in the US elections, Brexit, etc. In particular, the special brigade that manages all of today’s information war against Russia is a combined group of completely different super-professionals, some of them were even called out of retirement for the sake of such an occasion.

– How do they work?

– They have this sponsored Ukrainian TsIPSO, they have huge budgets, and most importantly, there are a lot of Russian-speaking people who don’t like us, who speak Russian.

– Are they those who live in Ukraine?

– These are those who live in the US, in Canada, in other Western countries. It is full of our emigrants. millions. Many do not like us, especially those who left Russia for political reasons. Many have problems with money, because an emigrant, leaving, as a rule, goes down several steps on the social ladder. They need money. They are happy to air their displeasure. So there’s an endless supply of personnel against us.

Igor Ashmanov

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.


– We are told that in Russia the youngest, most promising and creative class succumbs above all to this propaganda. Literally the future, the backbone of the country.

– They write about this class on the network: remember once and for all, the one to whom mom gave the most money must pay on a date. Perhaps one day they would have benefited the country. But for now, most live with their parents and perceive the world around them as one huge nishtyak delivery service.

– But, and the programmers?

– A huge number of programmers in our field have not gone anywhere. They are all normal people who have a family, a mortgage, an interesting business and no hatred for the country.


– Why do you believe your propaganda, but not ours?

– Not everyone believes them. They just discuss everything. For many, this is a form of addiction. They really say: “What difference does it make, false or not? Why are you so suffocated? We talked, everyone expressed their opinion. For them it is important that they were given material for this digital addiction, they got excited, they screamed, they reached the mat, they dispersed. And they are all fine.

The reality is not like that. What was the effect of Ukrainian propaganda yesterday or the day before yesterday? If nothing. There is no mass exit. Also, people are raising hundreds of millions of rubles to help our soldiers at the front.

– And the Ukrainians? There is also absolutely ridiculous propaganda that the Russians have not seen toilets, asphalt. How can you believe this? They are smart people.

– They have two layers of consciousness – ritual and real. Ritual – when you need to speak on social networks or on TV, at the podium, they switch to the Ukrainian ritual language. Arestovich himself speaks Russian, but inserts a few words in Ukrainian to ritually emphasize that he is a broad Ukrainian. And so do others. They say that “we win”, then they fall into reality when it comes to family, food, security. There they solve their problems and again in the “ritual”.

– Does Russian propaganda exist at all?

– No. Besides, there isn’t even a “manual” that everyone talks about. We don’t have this system at all. There are different groups of people fighting for channels of access to information. And the “manuals”, in which they would simply explain to us over and over again what happened in Ukraine, no.

We need to create our own system, not even for propaganda, but for conveying fundamental values ​​and explaining why everything is happening this way. We need some kind of ministry of public information. In relative terms, Rosinformburo. By analogy with the Soviet Information Office, which was during the Great Patriotic War. People want to know, but so far these gaps are being filled by Ukrainian propaganda or by our military correspondents. Some of these military correspondents are brave and honest people who really do run under the bullets, broadcast the truth, and some are just aggregators collecting news from all over the place. And many of them start looking for the sharpest ones. And they go off the rails pretty quickly. They – the worse, the better.


– Should Rosinformburo educate or protect?

– Both. Of course, we need fast-acting military censorship, blocking, for example, social networks with fakes or Nazi, enemy propaganda. And they are blooming and smelling there. What’s more, when you try to delete something, the system administrators of these social networks tell you: bring the prosecution’s presentation, we’ll remove it later.

Is it possible to control it at all? There are thousands of audiences. And in one social network, and in another.

– They are very easy to recognize. You don’t even need to have a crowd of moderators for this. They are recognized by ordinary artificial intelligence, in fact, by a search engine. That is, a “search engine for bad”.

– Do we have social networks that are ready to do this without instructions from the prosecution?

– I have a feeling not. They still don’t understand what’s going on.

– VKontakte is ours, Telegram is ours.

– No, Telegram is not exactly ours…

– So Pavel Durov is our everything.

– It’s more of a Dubai thing. Telegram has hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian audiences, absolutely Russophobic, Nazi. He doesn’t block them. And this, in particular, means that it is impossible to conduct confidential correspondence through it. As well as through the American WhatsApp. Because you don’t know who. Pasha recently returned and lived here for a year and a half, then left again. Perhaps some people even reported to the top that he was ours, that he was recruited … But it seems to me that this is a naive judgment. He works for himself.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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