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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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How young talents are trained in Kyrgyzstan – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 18:19:15

Our interlocutor has been working at the center for more than thirty years. She started as a teacher, she was a methodologist, head of the educational department and holds the position of head for the second year. According to Baltabaeva, today there are more than 2,600 students in Seitek.

– Irina Kamantulovna, now in Bishkek there are many different circles, creative centers, the competition is simply crazy. But their groups are invariably literally filled to the brim. How do you maintain your brand and how do kids come to you?

Irina Baltabaeva: The competition is really very strong. First of all, we maintain a leading position thanks to our teachers. They all have specialized education, not amateurs. Of course, our polished and verified curriculum is also of great importance. The national status of the center also plays an important role.

Students come to us in different ways. There are parents who once brought their children, today they record their grandchildren in the studio. And there are also guys who came alone, having seen the performance of their friends or our creative groups at some events, and then often drag their peers with them.

– It is difficult to separate modern children from gadgets. How does Seytek do this?

Irina Baltabaeva: At Seitek gadgets are prohibited everywhere, except in sections where children learn programming and other IT areas. Plus, our kids simply don’t have time to explore smartphones. Here they forget what a telephone is. Every minute is scheduled. Competition among the children themselves also stimulates it. After all, if a child is lazy, she does not study well and does not try hard, of course, she will be less involved in performances. Thus, for the children who come to our center, the telephone is the last place in terms of interests.

– The boy came, chose a studio and started studying. How can I keep it active?

Irina Baltabaeva: We, the entire Seitek team, every teacher, sincerely care about our students, we give them freedom of expression and, of course, incentives: performances at high-profile events, including state ones, trips abroad, participation in international competitions. and festivals. We travel outside of Kyrgyzstan very frequently. Especially for competitions in Russia and Kazakhstan. By the way, the guys there also come to us.

If we take only the geography of this year, we went to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, we were twice in Turkey, now the guys are going there again, Azerbaijan is in the plans. Of course, children get excited about these trips and try to show the best results and prove themselves. The whole world opens before them and they understand it.

– Is it true that Seitek monitors the progress of children in primary school?

Irina Baltabaeva: That’s true. When children first arrive at Seitek, our teachers check their progress in school. If they don’t keep up academically, they will be left behind here at the center. We contacted teachers, directors and tried to solve the problem on both sides. But if there is no result and the child does not return, we expel such children. Yes, we have to take those measures. But, in general, the children who come to us are different: one child is shy, another, on the contrary, has a youthful impulse and overflowing emotions.

We try to find an approach for everyone, no matter how banal it may seem. Simply because there is no other way to achieve a good result. We give the child the freedom to speak and present himself. And the children trust us and open up. It also happens that they bring a child with the idea that it would be good for him to practice, but he does not have any special talent. And we found it! Sometimes you have to change studies, go in another direction, but in the end, with our support, the child finds himself. In fact, this is our task as teachers: to identify and help demonstrate students’ talents.

– Is there any prohibition?

Irina Baltabaeva: What would we do without this? One of the most important things is not to miss classes. There is also censorship: no profanity or profanity is allowed. From the first days we instill in children a respectful attitude towards teachers, towards others, we educate them with the message that all team members are friends, literally family, and the entire center is a single team. We teach and respect elders on principle, to value the work of everyone, especially technical employees. Cleanliness is of great importance to us. So we not only develop talents, but also educate them.

At the end of the school year, the children who have just come to us become completely different. Of course, the parents of our students play an important role in the work of the center. And I want to say thank you very much. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Even financially. The state provides salaries to our teachers, but parents provide the dresses, jewelry and everything necessary for the performances. They sew costumes at their own expense and provide children with everything they need for their trips.

-How do your own children feel about the fact that you spend a large part of your life with other children? Aren’t they offended or jealous?

Irina Baltabaeva: I have three children, they are already grown up, I am a happy grandmother of four grandchildren! The youngest daughter, now 28 years old, was offended as a child, but then began to study at the center herself. The misunderstanding has disappeared. Now my children, after posting photos with me, often receive comments like: “Thanks to your mother”, “My childhood is connected with your mother.” Of course, this is nice for both me and my children. Now, by the way, one of my grandchildren is studying at Seitek. This is how traditions are maintained.

– Do students thank you frequently?

Irina Baltabaeva: It happens that a girl or a guy runs down the street, starts hugging, kissing and even writes kind words on social networks. Of course, so much gratitude makes me cry. And also because the boys have already grown up. When they finish their studies at Seitek and graduate, their hearts break. This is probably similar to the emotions of a parent, because our students are also our children.

This year we have 27 students. It is very sad to part with them, but I know that our paths will cross again and again. In their place will come new guys who will be equally important to us, and we, like the entire team, will give them our warmth, care, educate them and their talents.

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