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Human being. Results of the special project HUMANITY 3.0

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These 6 signs will help you know that you are in a codependent relationship



Katya Darma: persecution of the stalker and cancellation of Miroslava Duma



About sex, love and relationships.




How to learn a new profession? We analyze risks and opportunities together with an expert

Changing your scope of activity is a difficult decision that carries all sorts of risks. But, despite the difficulties, such a development of events can still be called real. Arina Khromova, co-founder of the career space platform for personalized openings, talks about how to achieve dramatic changes in a career with minimal risks.


How has the public relations industry changed? Says the Tele2 specialist

The way of communication, or professionally speaking, the tone of voice, is the basis of any business relationship. And, of course, a PR specialist can, among other things, advise what is needed to properly build a dialogue with customers. Pavel Nikiforov, head of corporate communications at Tele2 Moscow, was asked to speak about changes in the public relations profession and career opportunities.


How to write a resume correctly? Understanding with an expert

There are many tips on how to write a resume correctly. But the main problem is not even in quantity, but in the conflicting diversity. We asked Anna Alfimova, Managing Partner at Alena Vladimirskaya Career Lab, to help us figure out how to write a truly impressive resume.


How to make your business successful in the markets? Learned from the experts

During the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has become a completely understandable and philistine practice, even for those who are wary of it. And it continues to gain strength: more and more sellers want to try this type of sale. In particular, through the markets. How to run a business on such sites, what to sell and how? These and other questions were asked by specialists from the content production agency for marketplaces Just Snap.


How to make a new collection from all the old? Here are 7 inspiring examples among Russian brands.

The very idea of ​​using old materials in collections is not always related solely to ethical principles. We have an inspiring example from Martin Margiela: the designer’s turn towards upcycling was a necessary measure, since the brand had no money at the beginning and curtains, flea market costumes, out-of-service theater costumes had to be sewn. As it turned out, these collections were way ahead of their time. We are talking about Russian brands that also work well with old things: tablecloths, jeans, fur coats and nylons.


Friends of Encore Squad: on the past and present of street culture

What is the street culture of the 21st century, how is it radically different from that of 20 years ago, and how do its current representatives live? We learned from musicians, artists and extreme athletes, friends of the Encore Squad team.


How does art survive in a crisis and where to look for inspiration? the artists say

We continue a series of materials in which artists talk about work in times of crisis and calm. This time we talked to three female artists about inspiration and change for the better.


How and why is contemporary art digitized? the artists say

Scientists are searching for traces of life on Mars, Elon Musk’s SpaceX ships are sending space tourists to the stars, and representatives of the art community are already bringing the cyber future closer with their art. Especially for BURO. five young artists who create works using the latest technologies spoke about digital ethics, virtual physicality and the limitless possibilities of metaverses.


How do creative spaces work in Russia today and what awaits them? Directors and curators speak

Creative clusters are the quintessence of the creative economy. The first such spaces emerged in the 20th century from vacant factories, factories and barracks to bring deprived urban areas back to life, attracting residents and tourists. As part of the HUMANITY 3.0 project, we spoke to representatives of Russian creative sites about how they work now and how they will work for the foreseeable future.


Do you want to start buying art? Here are 5 online platforms for beginners

People invest in art for a variety of reasons. Some are exploring alternative ways to invest, others see the art market as more stable, and some even more promising. And, of course, many are primarily interested in the value of the works from a historical perspective. For those who are about to become art collectors, we have prepared an online gallery guide. You can become their client with a minimum budget and without leaving home.


Check list. How and what to buy during sales.

We know for ourselves: at the sight of huge discounts, you can lose your head and sense of proportion. In order for the shopping euphoria to be productive, we suggest that you adhere to the following simple rules.


Financial airbag: how to create and calculate correctly

How much money you need to save per month, where to store assets and how to start collecting a financial pillow – we figure it out together with an expert.


Saving without hurting yourself: how to reduce the number of impulse purchases in the midst of stress

People deal with anxiety in a variety of ways. And one of these methods is impulse buying. Especially for BURO. Psychologists analyzed rash purchases as a destructive way to deal with anxiety and told how to stop at the right time.


Cryptocurrency: in simple terms about the money of the future

The idea of ​​digital money arose with the advent of the Internet. But the technology came to life only 20 years later. The pioneers in the world of digital currency were the creators of bitcoin, the first currency on the market. What you need to know about the money of the future, we told you together with Nikolai Kukushkin, former vice president of the cryptocurrency exchange Paxful.


What is tokenomics and how can it help the fashion industry? The expert counts

In one of the Black Mirror episodes, humanity is switching to alternative energy sources – everyone is forced to pedal stationary bikes in order to receive virtual bonus money and generate electricity. In the real world, the move-to-win model (literally “move to win”) is gaining popularity and has not yet had time to break. True, they talk about it with a condescending comment about the fate of mankind. Are? And how can such a model work in the world of fashion? We learned from Amina Musayeva, the founder of the Cloudset clothing rental service, the concept of a “cloudy” wardrobe.

Personal limits: how to define and defend them

What are personal boundaries, how to set them and not allow them to be violated? Understanding with psychologist Maria Ivanova

Personal boundaries, both physical and psychological, define our safe and individual inner space. They outline and protect interests and values, emotions and sensations, attitudes and beliefs. At the same time, they allow us to interact comfortably, without conflict, with other people who may have a different point of view than ours. The establishment and protection of personal boundaries has become popular in the US and Europe since the mid-1980s. In our country, they began to be actively discussed only in the last ten years.


I want to end the relationship in an environmentally friendly way. How to do it?

Tatyana Meteleva, psychologist, head of the rehabilitation center of the clinic of Dr. Isaev “Double Diagnosis” answers

No matter how bright relationships are, full of love and happiness, sometimes they run out and we are faced with the desire to complete them. This applies to both romantic relationships and friendships. But not everyone knows how to do it right, without harming themselves or the person with whom the relationship ends.


Living in an Era of Change: Help Yourself Regain Confidence in the Future

When the familiar world collapsed, how to maintain a sense of stability? We are looking for solutions together with the experts of the Level3mind platform: a psychotherapist, professional and financial consultants.


What psychologists read and recommend: 20 books on emotions

We asked several psychotherapists to share which books they would recommend on emotions and how to work with them.


These 6 signs will help you know that you are in a codependent relationship

It is necessary to know the signs of codependency, since such relationships can have negative consequences, says clinical psychologist Tata Feodoridi.


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