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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Hunting for bloggers: taxes came to the “Queen of Runet” Nastya Ivleeva

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 05:46:44

Nastya Ivleeva.

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Being the richest blogger, that is, this is the status that Nastya Ivleeva received in 2021, having earned $ 2.7 million, is now not certain: the attention of not only subscribers, but also the tax inspectorate is fixed on you, and not far from researchers This spring season, the FTS seems to have decided to become the main generator of news, organizing a test of the entire blogosphere. Painfully crazy and gray millions are hanging around there, and a little shish is leaking into the budget.

So, after Lerchek and Blinovskaya, the tax authorities came for Nastya Ivleeva: according to Telegram channels, all companies that applied for blogger firm services in 2020-2022 must provide contracts, acts of acceptance and transfer of services, business correspondence within 10 days, payment invoices and other documents. But what does this really mean?

“As a rule, such letters indicate that the tax authority is seriously interested in the organization and is conducting an audit, which is actually not an ordinary occurrence,” lawyer Timur Matveev explains to the KP.RU website. – Usually, in such cases, inspectors see that some kind of transaction took place, and the tax to the budget was not paid. As a result, having collected all the necessary information, the tax authorities will continue to decide whether there are grounds for an on-site audit, additional tax determinations, etc.

So, the tax authorities want to know why the partner companies paid money to Ivleeva Production LLC and IP Uzenyuk (this is the real name of the blogger who stayed with her after the divorce).

After Lerchek and Blinovskaya, the tax authorities came for Nastya Ivleeva.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

– It often happens that a company transfers money to some counterparty, for example, for transport services. And when the tax begins to check, it turns out that the organization has only one general director, there are no cars on the balance sheet, and the counterparty could not provide the transport services indicated in the payment order, – continues lawyer Matveev. – It turns out that the money was actually withdrawn. This threatens additional taxes, including penalties and fines. And besides, employees of the Department of Economic Crimes are also involved in the control, and if violations are confirmed, all materials are already transferred to the Investigative Committee, which can start a criminal case.

In the meantime, if all partners confirm the reality of the services provided by Nastya Ivleeva and justify their cost, the questions will disappear by themselves.

However, some strange moves have already begun in the blogger’s company: according to KP.RU, just a few days before the tax audit, Ivleeva re-registered her company for manager Anna Samakova: since April 14, Nastya has not It has nothing to do with this business. But this does not eliminate liability for violations (if there were any, of course), because the Federal Tax Service checks the period when the “Queen of Runet” ruled the company alone – she is responsible for dubious transactions.

Note that the business that Ivleeva gave to a friend has always been successful. So, last year the company “Ivleeva Production” earned 122 million rubles, of which 46 – net profit.


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