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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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“I always hated it”: Stanislav Sadalsky sharply walked on Maxim Galkin, Meladze, Vaikula and the new version of “Irony of Fate”

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 09:07:09

The star of Soviet films “The meeting place cannot be changed”, “Say a word about the poor hussar …”, “The promised heaven” and others, Stanislav Sadalsky, will not get into his pocket for a word. Both on social networks and in interviews, he always says what he thinks. Sometimes even too sharp and direct. That’s why the public appreciates it. In a conversation with a colleague Vyacheslav Manucharov, the artist answered questions.


“Believe me, I can live in any country in the world. I have Georgian citizenship and I am proud of it. There is a residence permit in Finland, there is real estate that my relatives left me. But my space, my life, my love is Russia. I can live anywhere in the world, but I live in Russia because I love it.”


“When I was flying to Georgia, I saw Meladze, he me. And he suddenly he began to hide, so as not to meet me. And actually I always stood up for Russian Georgians. And I have always proudly said that I am a citizen of Georgia. And ever since he covered himself with my napkin so as not to say hello, I began to despise him. And now too. He earned billions, popularized Ukrainian artists here – this is his business. I don’t count other people’s money, but as a person I despise”


“I always hated Galkin*, you know that. Do not be silly. I told you for a long time. Therefore, now I can’t scold him, everyone scolds him anyway. I can understand Pugachev, she is the wife of a Decembrist.”


“He is forced to say it. Because he lives in a country where this is expected of her. She talked about the records that were released on Melodiya. But this is not so either. The cinema -after vodka- was the area that did box office. It’s not scenery at all. Lyme is a little unconscious.”


“Why did you support? They humiliate my people, humiliate my Russian language. Forced to speak non-native. Therefore, no matter how they jump, they will lose. I look at him with detachment, I do not turn on the TV. And the Ukrainians are watching. zombified”


“Now is the age of the non-professionals. As a prostitute said, everyone wants fast and free. Meanwhile, at the Shchukin Theater School, bright young students are playing “The Dowry”. Incredible artists. but they take [сниматься в кино] kaveenshchikov. Who is it? What is? Crooked, oblique, crooked. Shamelessly speak the text. There is no game. They got wet eyes so they took them to the movies”

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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