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Monday, March 27, 2023
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“I bow to the fighters” Oscar Kuchera, Olesya Zheleznyak, Yuri Galtsev and other artists who support the CBO

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 06:04:17

On February 4, it became known that Canada had imposed sanctions against Nikolai Rastorguev, leader of the Lube group.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

On February 4, it became known that Canada had imposed sanctions against Nikolai Rastorguev, leader of the Lube group, who was not very upset on this occasion. This case is not isolated, as more and more artists have publicly supported the CBO. These are some recent examples.

Oscar Kuchera

Almost from the very beginning of the SVO, Oskar Kuchera spoke out for the Russian soldiers, which caused a current of anger from electoral pacifists and “wezamirschikov”. He also had to defend his position in a full-time duel with one of the foreign agents – Yuri Dud *. The interview was cited by both sides. Those who are not ashamed of being Russian liked Kuchera’s frankness and openness. Opponents furiously mocked how Yuri crucified the artist, instead of interviewing or at least listening to him. He himself did not answer a single counter-question, but he filled the bewildered Oscar with a lot of controversial and ambiguous arguments. The number of subscribers to the star in the telegram jumped sharply.

“I support our boys who are there because they are boys from my country,” Kuchera said honestly. — The Russian army follows orders. Where should they go? Desert? They are in a situation where they are already there. If I get a subpoena, I won’t show up. How will I look my children in the eye afterwards? If my sons are sent to the front, I will be horrified.

yuri galtsev

The director of the St. Petersburg Variety Theater Yuri Galtsev is less like someone who travels around hospitals with concerts: we are used to him being soft, round, funny and cheerful. But times have changed. And now the comedian, who was a close friend of Maxim Galkin *, is doing everything possible for the Russian army.

– I went there [в госпитали к бойцам из зоны СВО] more than once, – Yuri admitted. – To lift the spirits of the boys. I traveled with my actors and musicians. They worked the best they could. But what can we do? He sang songs. There is a young boy, his mother is younger than me. Year 43. And he asks his son about me: “Do you know him?” He said no. And he is 22 years old, because she explained to him that I am an actor, she likes how I play. And she asked to be photographed, after which she shook his hand and said: “When my mother saw you, she was so happy. I have never seen such happy eyes in the hospital since I am in the hospital.”

Olesya Zheleznyak

The star of the series “Matchmakers”, which was filmed in Ukraine and produced by a Ukrainian studio, Olesya Zheleznyak, after the start of the NWO, began to receive terrible messages from her “brothers-neighbors” with curses and threats. And also the young star of “Matchmakers” Anna Koshmal from kyiv spoke unflatteringly about her. But Oksana does not hold a grudge against anyone. She continues to pray for peace between sister nations and to speak to wounded Russian soldiers. “Lenkom” has repeatedly been to hospitals (Vishnevsky and others) and every time the artist is greeted there with great joy.

– I was very worried when I came out in front of them. [бойцами] on stage, – recalled Zheleznyak. – In the large concert hall of the hospital, our audience was doctors, nurses and, of course, military men in rehabilitation. Some with serious injuries, in wheelchairs, that is, those who in the Donbass fulfilled their duty as part of the SVO. I bow to them. And when my colleague Tatyana Kravchenko and I went on stage, we were overwhelmed with feelings. Great happiness, pride and, of course, responsibility – to perform in front of these fighters. God bless you all! There are moments in life when you meet people and realize that you need to be equal to those people.

Vika Tsyganova

Chanson performer Vika Tsyganova also did not stand aside. And she performed in hospitals, and was in Donetsk, and wrote the unofficial anthem for Wagner PMC, and her husband also organized a voluntary movement to help Russian civilians and fighters in Donbass. Tsyganova has always stood out in Russian show business, she did not look back on the opinion of the party, and this time she also did not hesitate to express her point of view on the CBO and help with the facts.

– A wounded paratrooper without one leg, in a wheelchair, – recalled the singer at one of the performances in the hospital. He got up, you know? He just got up! And the other is from the unit that my Vadim now looks after, whom he helps, he was sitting in the front row, it was in Khimki that there was a concert in the hospital. I sang to him, I looked him straight in the eyes and he told me: a miracle happened, my leg stopped hurting, now I’m going to put on a prosthesis, I’m going to have a special operation.

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent

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