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Monday, June 5, 2023
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“I burst into tears”: the family evening with Tarzan made Natasha Koroleva cry

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 03:12:37

Natasha Koroleva.


Natasha Koroleva spent the New Year holidays in Miami with her mother Lyudmila Break. It is known that the father of the 76-year-old star is in a fight with Natalia’s husband, Sergey Glushko. Relatives fought to the death over Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. Mom Koroleva is an ardent supporter of Kyiv. Tarzan, as a former soldier, stands with the Russian army with all his heart. The son-in-law and mother-in-law stopped following each other on social media. In addition, Tarzan did not go with Natalya to Miami, although every year he spent New Year’s holidays visiting his wife’s mother.

Against the background of family disagreements, fans of the Queen are actively discussing her possible divorce. The singer’s marriage has been on the verge of blowing up in the past: what is the value of the loud scandal with Tarzan’s betrayals three years ago? Now, according to many, his family ship may sink due to politics.

However, Natalya, having returned to Russia from the United States, made it clear that the relationship with her husband was stronger than ever. The singer organized a family trip to the cinema. The Queen and Glushko watched the new film “Cheburashka” together. They were accompanied by the artist’s 20-year-old son Arkhip and his girlfriend Anya Volynkina (former stripper Melissa Fox).

Natalya Koroleva and Sergey Glushko attended the premiere of the film “Cheburashka”. Photo: social networks.

On social networks, the Queen shared several videos filmed in the cinema. The singer admitted that she really liked the kind and touching picture. According to Natasha, she left the auditorium with tears in her eyes.

“I burst into tears,” said the artist. – Make sure you go to the premiere.

Arkhip’s girlfriend, Melissa, admitted she also couldn’t help but cry over Cheburashka’s moving ending. Natasha from time to time showed her husband in the video. Tarzan even showed with his appearance that he did not intend to be led by the Ukrainian mother-in-law and fully supported Russia. Sergey dressed in a vest and a red jacket, decorated with the symbols of the USSR – a sickle, hammer and five-pointed stars.

Natasha from time to time showed her husband on the video. Photo: social networks.

Until recently, the Queen, caught between two fires, did not pronounce on the family conflict. But during the New Year holidays, I decided for the first time to talk about my relationship with my mother, who supported Ukraine. The artist stressed that the position of her mother is not close to her, but at the same time she urged subscribers to take care of her relatives, despite all her disagreements.

“Be wiser and take care of your loved ones, even if your views do not coincide in some way,” Natalya wrote on her personal blog.

The singer showed that his family is still strong. Photo: social networks.

While Natasha Koroleva was on vacation in Miami, Ukraine imposed sanctions against her husband. Tarzan was included in the list of 119 Russian cultural figures who are prohibited from appearing on Nezalezhnaya. Apparently, Glushko was included in this list for his military service, as well as for statements on social networks in support of the actions of the Russian government. The sanctions provide for the blocking of assets in Ukraine, the restriction of business operations, the ban on movement within the territory of the state, the deprivation of the country’s awards, the ban on obtaining visas, etc. By the way, Natalya Koroleva herself was banned from entering Ukraine in 2016.

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Puck Henry
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