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Friday, February 23, 2024
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“I fought for every house, entrance and corner”: the former mayor of Chita, who went to the NVO zone, on the liberation of Artemovsk

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 22:04:17

Alexander Sapozhnikov

Photo: Andrei MINAEV

… – Alexander Mikhailovich, first of all, I want to congratulate you on the event that took place. I mean, the complete liberation of Artemovsk from the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Now it is not Bakhmut, but completely – Artemovsk. How would you, as someone who has not been there for a long time, comment on this release?

– Our guys fought for every house, for every entrance, for every corner.

What they have done is strategically important. Artemovsk is a vital transportation hub for the DPR.

It is no coincidence that the President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin, in his congratulations to the soldiers, highly appreciated their merits.

And the most distinguished deserved state awards.

Of course they are decent guys, well done, they fight very professionally.

– Tell me, please, are your positions far from Artemovsk?

– We have a different address.

But the line of contact, the first line, is one.

Yes, and it moves, moves, moves… To the west.

We are moving slowly. Our units, our units – the advanced orders are sharpened precisely for this.

– You say, well – slowly, but we are moving forward. For people who do not have experience in tactics, in strategy, they have a question, well, like: why on the sly?

– We all know perfectly well that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a well-fortified defense. And they have almost all the entrances, all the houses – shoot, explode …

Taking such well-prepared positions by storm is very difficult, difficult.

This is a special operation, they shoot in the same place and the mines fly in the same place.

The most important thing in such conditions is to preserve the health and life of a soldier. This is a top priority. The commanders, the heads of the armed forces. Everybody has.

– It is empty.

– And what is “slow”…

How can you argue that we’re going slowly? We go as ordered, as our command thinks, and I am sure that we will be victorious.

– And yet, then, the question is this: what about the so-called “counteroffensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? All sorts of contradictions, there, I don’t know, there are rumors, information … But you, a military man, an artillery lieutenant, who is directly on the front line, what is his opinion on this matter? What, they just lost their buzz, fuse or something, to attack, if you say so? Are they afraid to do it? Have we taught them to be afraid?

– You know, Alexander, they have already understood – who is protecting Russia, our Motherland.

We know how to fight, we are very brave and strong, in spirit and unity.

We are at the forefront, together: Russians, Yakuts, Buryats, Dagestanis and Chechens.

A special military operation is the multinational forces of Russia.

They are all heroes participating in CBO. They are all heroes! Everyone who is there…

Time and again proving to the Armed Forces of Ukraine that we, I apologize for the expression, will break their teeth and horns.

– Good expression. And there is no need to apologize here … Just yesterday, the president of the country held a large meeting on inter-ethnic relations. And he said there: our opponents hoped that what we have, a multinational, multi-confessional society, is a minus, that this, then, will destroy us. And we, on the contrary, meet.

– We, on the contrary, meet, yes, yes.

On the contrary, we come together, this is our Motherland, we have a Motherland – Russia. What has a Chechen, a Dagestan, a Buryat, a Yakut… Transbaikalian, right? – Novosibirsk, Muscovite…

– Alexander Mikhailovich, and these are no longer nationalities to which you have gone …

– So after all, they also recovered!

– Do you have all these nationalities in your unit?

– Everything, everything, yes, – the Far Eastern nationalities, we have all the guys. This is a close-knit regiment of ours: they call us the Far East.

– Clear.

– We are united. There was no question about it, and never will be.

“And I can’t help but ask, are you still in the hospital right now?”

Yes, I’m still in treatment. While he is in the hospital, yes, the doctors are treating him. Because after all, we all have our own problems. Well, God forbid that everything will be fine.

Now, passing through here, we are engaged with my comrades, friends. We are collecting humanitarian aid. Directly Alexander Mikhailovich Osipov helps us.

– This is the governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory.

– We are preparing a large container of 40 tons.

So, I’ll tell you this, I called yesterday: the Armenians are with us, the Azerbaijanis are businessmen with whom we communicate, we are friends, again, Buryats, and everyone collects humanitarian aid, all together, we are one people.

– And what exactly have you already collected?

– And there is a huge list: these are quadcopters, scopes, diesel generators, sets of masks and … Yes, everything that is needed: for our work on the front line, for Victory, for everyday life, we are preparing all this now.

And, of course, a large number of drugs, medicines are also collected.

– Well, thank you, comrade lieutenant, you are huge, here, for this interview. Please get well.

– Certainly.

– You went through two more Chechen wars, as I understand it, and those injuries and those consequences have aggravated. And we admire you. If you need something, Komsomolskaya Pravda will also help you. Hugging you.

– I love and respect our people. Thank you!


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