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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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“I love you”: Dmitry Dibrov admitted that he wanted to marry Larisa Guzeeva

Date: February 1, 2023 Time: 04:31:06

Larisa Guzeeva. Photo: social networks.

Larisa Guzeeva has always been considered one of the most beautiful actresses of Soviet and Russian cinema. At one point, the “Cruel Romance” star caught the eye of many men. As it turned out today, Dmitry Dibrov also got into her network. This was publicly announced by the former host of the program “Who wants to be a millionaire” when he met Larisa backstage on Channel One.

Guzeeva, 63, will host a New Year’s program on the country’s main channel. In the locker room, Larisa met Dmitry Dibrov. Colleagues exchanged pleasantries, while the TV presenter admitted that in his youth he dreamed of marrying Guzeeva. According to him, he always had a passport with him, so he could sometimes go with Larisa to the registry office.

“I went to Rostov, I always had my passport ready. Come on, someday Guzeeva will say: “I love you young man, let’s go to the registry office.” But she never said this. Now why would she carry a passport? Won Guzeeva, she’s fine, ”Dibrov joked.

The actress was clearly flattered by his words. Larisa noted that she will always be her love. The host of the program “Let’s get married!” he especially noted Dmitry’s erudition.

“I would have his brains out, I wouldn’t greet anyone,” the actress laughed.

Dmitry Dibrov.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Despite the fact that the marriage with Guzeeva forever remained only in his dreams, Dmitry Dibrov could never complain about the lack of attention from the fairer sex. The TV presenter was married four times. With his first wife Elvira Dibrova, he lived in marriage from 1983 to 1986, the couple had a son, Denis. The second wife, Olga Dibrova, gave birth to the showman’s daughter, Lada. This marriage lasted 7 years. The third wife, Alexandra Dibrova, was 26 years younger than the TV presenter. The couple lived together for less than a year, from March 2008 to January 2009. But with his fourth wife, Polina, Dmitry has been happily married since 2009. They met when Polina was only 17 years old. When the bride turned 20, Dmitry played a wedding with her.

Larisa Guzeeva is married to restaurateur Igor Bukharov, this is the third marriage for a movie star. The actress has many high-profile novels on her account, one of them is with the TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev. In one of the interviews, the showman recalled how he, then a sophomore, accidentally ended up with an actress in a restaurant. Guzeeva was already at the zenith of fame after the release of the film “Cruel Romance”. She was still quite young, but already damn charming.

– And the devil threw me to get drunk there. And Larisa, in principle, she loved it, ”recalls Nagiyev. – And she is like this: “Dimych, look, I hooked pantyhose.” I say, “Let’s take them off.”

In addition, the showman showed with a characteristic gesture how he ripped off the screen star’s pantyhose: “In the middle of the restaurant. And then something rushed there, I was thrown from there. And somehow it’s gone, gone, gone.”

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Puck Henry
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