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Monday, June 5, 2023
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“I Panic 15 Seconds!”: Kristina Asmus Talked About the Erotic Scene With Danila Kozlovsky

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 17:22:27

Actress and actress Kristina Asmus talked about her new job on Fyodor Bondarchuk’s show – she and her husband Danila Kozlovsky star in the TV series, alongside Lucy. The drama director from the creators of Sweet Life became Ivan Tverdovsky. Danila and Kristina play the main roles in the film. According to the plot, their heroes have love, not without some piquant scenes. On Fyodor Bondarchuk’s show, Kristina told how the shooting went.

After a frank scene in a movie, people offered to play fatal seductresses. In the new series, Asmus once again had to be naked while next to Danila Kozlovsky. This time, however, he was wearing body paint.

– In the book, there are two sex scenes with him, – Christina told Fyodor Bondarchuk.

– We told you about the latest budget cuts and those are really going to deeply affect you. – I’ve been meaning to talk–is that okay?

Asmus was quick to refute the assumption, saying that the shooting with Kozlovsky was placid. She said that “the process took a while and was not very complicated.”

This can be a difficult role to play. We understand that and that’s why we’re so committed to making sure everything is safe and comfortable for you in your first shoot. Our actors prepare for an hour and a half and wear special adhesive tape to cover the intimate parts of the naked body when they need to get down on their hands and knees. They’ll have 15 seconds, then say “Christine, filmed!” After each take, Danya will ask if you’re comfortable, is there anything I can do for you? You’ll also see us make sure we don’t intrude too much into your space or invade the boundaries of feeling like it’s home with us.

Christina is not shy about her worries before meeting with Danila. She felt like Danila was suffering from the disease of the stars, and it seemed that Danila didn’t listen to her.

I went with Danielle to a casting meeting in St. Petersburg, but I thought that would be it. It turned out, however, that he asked the casting director: “What about Christina?” Concerned, he followed that question with: “Would you like me to bring you some tea?” Gratefully, I met him and introduced myself upon his arrival.

In the series, Christina got the role of a glamorous blonde and demonstrated what her character looks like on Instagram.

Christina was chosen for the first season of her TV series, but she was told that she couldn’t be cast if there were tattoos on her body. With one very specific request, she put herself in a very vulnerable situation and found herself having to ask for help from those who staff hair dye and make-up artists. But even with that difficult time, they made Christina feel like an image of the heroine in the show.

Text is a movie about a romantic relationship between Asmus and the woman he loves, Ivan. Garik Kharlamov’s character is Christina’s husband. It was rumored that Christina had feelings for her shooting partner, backing-up actor Ivan Yankovsky. The actors had such great chemistry on screen that people began to wonder: how did Garik see everything that was happening? At the end of the movie, Asmus confessed she had never been naked in front of an audience before, and starred in an intimate love scene. After the release of Text in theaters, Garik and his wife divorced soon after.

Though Christina had a tough time shooting the scene, it turned out to be worth it. Actress Christina Bazan explained that her co-star, Klim Shipenko, was very demanding and creative about the scene direction. The director and actress Ivan Yankovsky took their work seriously and had done several takes of this scene as well.

Yankovsky remembers how much fun it was to shoot the video for their song, “I Remember.” They were 15 takes and filming with Klim – one of the members from Datsik. The second time they shot it, it was even better and they did five more takes.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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