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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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“I remember here, I don’t remember here”: five signs to distinguish dementia from normal age-related changes

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 01:31:50

The earlier dementia is diagnosed and treated, the slower it will develop.

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According to the WHO, each year the number of people with dementia in the world increases by 10 million and by 2030 it is expected that there will be 74.7 million people. In the risk group, in the first place, people over 65 years of age, said the psychiatrist-narcologist and psychotherapist of KP Alexander Polikarpov. At the same time, already at the age of 40-45, a modern person often experiences a decrease in the speed of information processing (what we call “thinking a lot.” – Ed.), the doctor noted. How do you differentiate between normal age-related changes and the first symptoms of dementia? The expert named 5 main signs, when they appear it is necessary to consult a neurologist or psychiatrist.

1. The appearance of problems with short-term memory. “In this case, the person forgets the events that happened recently,” explains Alexander Polikarpov.

! Please note: we are not talking about automatic and constantly repetitive actions. Anyone can get out of their head, whether or not they have taken pills every day, the doctor gives an example. This is done automatically and may not be retained in short-term memory. An alarm call if a person forgot that he turned on the stove on which he set the soup to cook. Or point blank, he does not remember that a couple of days ago he met with friends whom he had not seen for a long time.

2. A person begins to confuse names. It is often difficult for him to find the right word.

3. There are difficulties with orientation in time and (or) in space.

Yes, many people complain about their “geographical criticism” in life. But with the debut of dementia, there is no time for jokes. A person finds himself in a place where he has been many times and cannot understand where he is and where to go next. He does not remember what month or year it is (note that many absolutely healthy people confuse the number and day of the week).

4. The usual abilities disappear. It’s not just about losing the ability to weave or cut with a jigsaw. A stupor occurs when trying to heat food in the microwave, check the readings of the water and heat meters and cook a familiar dish.

5. Psycho-emotional changes are noted. “A person with dementia is often aggressive or anxious for no reason,” describes Dr. Polikarpov. Of course, with the modern pace of life and chronic stress, these symptoms are very common without dementia. But if they occur in combination with other signs (see above), then you need to pay close attention.


How to continue living if dementia is confirmed?

Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote about the methods by which dementia is now diagnosed. The confirmation of the diagnosis is always a shock for the patient and his relatives. How to continue living?

– The sooner dementia is diagnosed and treated, the slower it will develop. And the greater the chances of reducing the severity of symptoms, the quality of life of a sick person and his loved ones will improve, Alexander Polikarpov reassures.

If there is an elderly person with dementia in the family, then when communicating with him, the doctor recommends following the following rules:

– Speak as simply as possible, without comparisons, complex turns.

– Eliminate everything that can distract, interfere with concentration when communicating. Turn off the television, the radio, the computer.

– Do not rush a sick person. It is important to understand: you need more time to choose words, to formulate your thoughts.

– Avoid conflicts. Even if a person with dementia is irritable, they need her support and patience. It is important to stay calm and maintain a positive attitude.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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