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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“I want from morning to night, but I hold back”: Irina Saltykova explained why she refused sex

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 14:44:45

Irina Saltykova.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The star of the 90s, Irina Saltykova, can still give odds to many young women today. A fragile blonde with brown eyes is in great shape and still conquers men. However, not everything is so simple: on the air of the program “The Stars Came Together” on the NTV channel, the artist announced that she had given up sex because of her advertising.

The 57-year-old singer of the hit “Grey Eyes” explained that she took this step to avoid generating unwanted rumors about her. According to the singer, due to her star status, she is constantly forced to think about what the public will say. Therefore, what is allowed for ordinary people is not available to them.

“Nature cannot be fooled. When hormones play, you want from morning to night. In this case, less, but it happens. I am a public person, so I have such a stop. I can’t afford what others are allowed just because of “I want”. I am constantly holding back. And nothing good, ”Saltykova complained.

The artist has many fans and could even get married tomorrow. But the singer does not do this because of too high requirements for his chosen one. Irina is simply not ready to share her life with someone below her in social status.

“More or less there should be the same upbringing, education. Financial position matters. For example, I am used to flying business class, and he is used to flying economy class. And how will we fly? My extreme man was one step lower in education and education, and the second, on the contrary, was higher. When he is lower, he is bad. He breaks down, irritates, well, interferes. In my opinion, a man should be better than a woman at everything. So that we, as women, look at this ideal and fight for it, ”says Saltykova.

The 57-year-old actress is in great shape. Photo: social networks.

Perhaps Irina is in no hurry to return to the altar because of the negative experience she received in her first marriage with the lead singer of the Forum group, Viktor Saltykov. They married in 1987 and a year later their daughter Alice was born. According to Irina, she was only happy for the first two years of her family life: her husband literally carried her in her arms. But then the real hell began, and alcohol was to blame.

– I was not happy in this marriage. I was happy for two years, everything! So it was hell, it was terrible for me. So I got nothing positive. But, it is very possible that for life it has been useful to me. I, as I say, had a good teacher – experience, – said Irina.

Viktor Saltykov began to drink regularly and raised his hand to him.

– When he was sober, Victor was an absolutely normal, adequate and good person. He loved my daughter and me. As soon as he got drunk, he turned into a monster. During the last four years of our life together, Victor drank very often. I had to call the police,” the singer admitted.

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Puck Henry
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