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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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“I was not afraid to go up to hell”: Elena Letuchaya – about Evening Urgant, conflicts with Samburskaya and her husband’s last family, and leaving STS and Friday

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 12:05:36

TV presenter Elena Letuchaya.

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Elena Letuchaya is one of the most hateful people on Russian television. Few people remember her work on the Stolitsa channel, but everyone remembered how quickly the sexy Nordic blonde broke out on the air on Friday! with the Revizorro program. Then there were the projects “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Flying Squad” and work on STS. And yet, in the hearts of the audience, Volatile will forever remain a girl in white gloves, checking out restaurants and hotels. In an interview with the blog Nadezhda Sagittarius, the presenter answered the most interesting questions that arise in connection with the mention of the person of her.


“There is no concept of ‘failure’ in my life. There is a concept of “own path”. When I worked in Channel One’s special projects studio, I already understood that I wanted to go further. The “Evening Urgant” program has just been launched. I ran upstairs (to Ostankino) and took my resume. They needed a producer. And they didn’t take me. And when I had already become a big star and got to Vanya Urgant, he first took out my resume. I don’t know where. Then he joked that “we are involved in the fact that you finally became a star.” I should have been upset when they didn’t take me, but I went my own way.”


“My breakup was logical. They didn’t appreciate me there. The show ended and I was in a freakish state. He passed out all the time. The doctors told me to stop. Every third day I flew to different cities. And this is not a travel show. Stress. You walk into a restaurant and you don’t know if you will be hit on the head or fed. It was then that I met my husband. And he met me, damn it.

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“In this situation, I acted very honestly for myself. The bell rang: “Sasha Rogov left us, the history of the dressing rooms remained, and we want to revive the program “Take it off immediately!”. We want to test you as a leader. I approached them. We found a second presenter: Karina Nigay. She removed the pilot. And then they tell me on the phone that Sasha Rogov is coming back. I asked him: “How are we going to work? Will he be comfortable?” They assured me not to worry. Then they told me the show was called Rogov+. I asked to change the name. And it’s not about my stardom or my pride. It’s just if they took someone else in instead of me, it would be an insult. I sat in the actor’s trailer for another three hours, waiting for a decision. I was told that the name of the show would remain Rogov+. I got up and left.”


“All the conflicts, except for leaving the channel Friday!”, were not initiated by myself. I was dragged there. Nastya and I are not familiar. And when he posted a post in which he personally insulted me, I was shocked. I didn’t understand why he did it. I don’t normally respond to stories like this. But then I looked at who wrote, who liked it, I drew conclusions and thought: “Shock”. I think he did it because Nastya worked on Friday! and she was the host of “Revizorro. I thought I could only pity her. it was ugly”


“At first, I did not comment on this scandal (with the ex-wife of Yuri Anashenkov, Flying’s husband). And now I don’t want to. And I will never do it. We have a younger son, Nikita, in that family. He has a mom and a dad. And this relationship is forever. I want Nikita to have a wonderful relationship with them. I will never be a catalyst. Yura is incredibly fond of children. Everything that we are allowed to do, we do in full. I don’t want Nikita to read nasty things about mom and dad. And if you have to be patient, I’ll be patient. I love all my husband’s children very much.”

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