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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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I was supposed to write memoirs, but I leaked all personal correspondence: in Britain, a scandal breaks out in government offices

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 23:05:05

Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock


A scandal has erupted in Britain over the publication of a series of WhatsApp messages sent and received by the kingdom’s former health minister, Matt Hancock.

It is known that the leak affected about 100 thousand messages, of which only a negligible part has been studied and published so far. But this, according to the British media, has already caused a real panic in government offices.

Hancock was “turned in” by Daily Telegraph journalist Isabelle Oakeshott, who was hired by him to edit and write his memoirs. In his memoirs, the politician wanted to tell, first of all, how the department he headed reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this, he gave Oakeshott access, including to files of her correspondence on a smartphone.

Oakeshott stated that she acted “in the public interest”, Hancock called her a traitor.

From the published reports, it turned out that the minister ignored the key recommendations of doctors and epidemiologists and often made decisions based on his political preferences.

Many current British politicians who contacted Hancock via WhatsApp, upon learning of the beginning of the publication of the archive of private messages, were seriously concerned that their correspondence with him would also become the subject of discussion. The first “victims” are already here: former education secretary Gavin Williamson published messages ridiculing the actions of teachers’ unions.

The British government, which has many politicians and former top officials, is reportedly bracing for more disclosures.

But the work of the Ministry of Health was of particular interest to the British: most of the important decisions during the pandemic were now, as it turned out, made on the fly, through the exchange of various messages between the minister and his subordinates. in the Messenger. But the officials defend themselves by saying that messaging services are an important and useful tool for their work, especially when it comes to “matters that are not worth writing a full letter.”


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