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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Ignorance is to think that businessmen bathe in five hundred bills | Opinion of Fernando Pastor

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 04:35:59

Listening to some leaders of the radical left of this country who, by chance, have had the carambola to sit on the Council of Ministers, when they talk about some of the big businessmen who sustain the economy, is embarrassing and borders on the absolute ignorance, not only because they do not understand who these businessmen really are and what they do, but also because they are completely unaware of how the basic economic rules of the country in which they live work. The only and dubious reason that can be found to try to explain those cartoon outbursts about the billions that the rich are supposed to ‘amass’ every day, is in the tremendous political weakness suffered by the purple formation, which needs to enter into sarcasm and the disqualification to be heard, because otherwise they would go unnoticed. A year ago it was not eating steaks and now the five hundred bills. Luckily, these types of strategies have a very short journey and the ignorance that sustains them comes to light and the argument collapses at the first opportunity.

It is always painful to kick out the EuroMillions and that it is not your turn, or to see how the banks break profit records and do not forgive us part of the mortgage or pay us better deposits. Above all because in view of how their income has grown in line with the rise in interest rates, surely in some corner in the form of provisions there is more cushion of benefits in case it is necessary to use them. But let’s not lose perspective, it is not normal to have rates at zero and the Euribor in negative. We were very spoiled and we have forgotten the hard times, when a reference to 3% was a bargain. During the housing crisis of 2008, when we all thought we were rich because we used a condo downtown that was worth more every day until the bubble burst, the banks lost hundreds of billions that they haven’t recovered, and had to be bailed out under risk of the entire economy of the country falling flat on its face.

Neither Ana Botín nor Carlos Torres nor anyone of their command level in the big companies of this country earn billions every year. They would like it Their companies do, supporting thousands of workers and their families, paying billions in taxes, and distributing million-dollar dividends to thousands of shareholders. The big banks earned almost 20,000 million last year, after very hard years in which the typical business of collecting deposits and giving loans has been low or negative, but taxes have also been left in excess of the total amount of that amount, in addition to the Social Security contributions of the 135,000 employees it has. Only Mr. Roig, at Mercadona, comes close to 100,000 workers, whose wages he did not hesitate to raise in line with inflation from the outset, so that they would not lose purchasing power. Banking, distribution, energy, construction, logistics, etc… english, I would be sick or dead.

Demagoguery massacring the business class in Spain is something that has always been very dangerous from a political point of view. Basically, because you have very little to gain and a lot to lose. The opposition leader has lacked time this Sunday to take over the highway that Sánchez has left him and his political war against the businessmen, to show that his formation is the one that marks the most sensible path for the coming years. The political message, which the part of the PP had lost, is once again an argument to whip a PSOE that is weighed down too much by the three of Podemos and its despair before two electoral appointments in 2023 that can be very hard to say, with Sánchez on one side and Diaz on the other.

The big companies in this country, for the moment and until a revolution leads us to the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ or its social concretion in these times, are systemic entities. If they fall, we all fall. Without banks, a large part of Spaniards do not have a house or a television. Without supermarkets adjusting the margin and cushioning the rise in food prices at source that caused energy and fuel prices, we would return to ration cards. Without energy, nothing will work for us at home and, without renewables and the large investments they need in full ecological transition, we will destroy the country and the planet.

Large companies are necessary and to adjust the possible excess benefits that they will have is the law, even if it is through taxes that are difficult to justify legally, whose long-term consequences in the courts will be paid by the next generation. If socialism does not react in time and demonstrates that the social democracy or “social justice” preached by its leader does not have to be at odds with capital and its beneficial effects on the well-being of all, if managed intelligently, it will fall. at the polls condemned by the great ignorance of those who think that the rich bathe in five hundred bills.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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