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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Illegal pawn shops masquerading as thrift shops revealed in Samara KXan 36 Daily News

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:26:18

During the first quarter, eight illegal creditors were identified in the region. The organizations were not listed in the state register of pawnshops. Such outlets often disguised themselves as thrift stores and issued short-term loans secured by property. Only for things and values ​​u200bu200bthat people gave away for a while, the money was given immediately, and not after the sale of the goods. Therefore, a fake pawnshop could dispose of this property at its own discretion and it was not a pledge. By law, a borrower at a pawn shop must receive a security ticket and not sign a commission agreement, sale, or any other document.

The Central Bank reminds that before applying for a loan, you need to check the company on the Bank of Russia website in the appropriate section, where the list of offenders is regularly updated. Also, you should not take loans from acquaintances and strangers under individual civil law contracts secured by real estate or other valuable property, as this is prohibited by law. Individual entrepreneurs and any natural person are not allowed to issue consumer loans.

“The goal of an illegal creditor is not to make a profit by paying off a debt with interest, but to create such conditions that the borrower defaults on the contract, delays payments,” explains Marina Myasnikova, manager of the Samara branch of the Volga. -Vyatka State Bank of Russia. – Then the illegal creditor goes to court to seize the property and sell the pledge – the borrower’s apartment or car. In this situation, the court, as a rule, takes the side of the creditor, since the money was received under a civil law contract.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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