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Monday, March 27, 2023
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In Bashkiria, children will be taught how to psychologically prepare for the KXan Unified State Exam 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 09:41:04

Aibulat Vakilovich, please tell us how many 11th graders will be taking the USE this year and which electives turned out to be the most popular.

Aibulat Khazhin: In total, 16,200 people will take part in the exam. These are not only current students of the 11th grade (15.2 thousand children), but also graduates of previous years, university students, those who did not pass the GIA in previous years, foreign citizens. In addition, we have 20 10th grade students who expressed their desire to pass one of the three subjects, whose development is fully completed by the end of 10th grade: Russian, Mathematics (basic level) and Geography.

This year, the most popular choice subject was social studies. 35.3% of the graduates requested it. Great interest in computing has been retained. In third place in popularity are biology and physics, often guys also choose chemistry and history.

I am sure that this year it will be easier for schoolchildren to successfully pass the unified state exam, because they already passed the OGE after the 9th grade. While the USE format was new to last year’s graduates (USE didn’t take place in 2020 due to the pandemic), as a result some of the guys couldn’t cope with the excitement and wrote worse than they could. . But in general, the results in the republic were quite good. In most subjects, the average score is higher than in Russia.

And although last year we had a decrease in the number of scores of 100 points, for me personally the indicator of the quality of passing the exam is the number of guys who wrote the exam for 80 or more points, for the “five” . The number of articles of this type in almost all subjects has grown in our country.

What innovations await graduates this year on state exams? And what to do if it turned out that you chose the wrong topic to pass the exam?

Aibulat Khazhin: This year there are a number of changes in the organization and conduct of the final state certification. For example, in 2022, applicants could apply to five universities for 10 majors, and this year they can only apply to five majors at the same time. In addition, the graduate must indicate her priorities, in which direction he wants to be enrolled in the first place. Also, this year, you do not need to submit a separate application to obtain consent for enrollment. It is enough that the university has the original document on education.

In addition, the changes affected the format and the rules for evaluating tasks in control and measurement of materials.

As for the electives. Often, when studying the rules for admission to a university of interest, children are guided by the data of previous years. But every year on October 1, universities adopt new rules, which indicate exams for all specialties and directions for the next academic year. It is important to study the documents in advance so that there are no mistakes in choosing subjects for passing the exam.

There is a possibility of changing the list of elective exams, but only if there is a good reason that the child and his legal representative can convey at a meeting of the state certification commission. I will make a reservation that the decision to replace the choice subject can be made at least two weeks before the start of the exam. But it is better not to mention it.

What is the best way to prepare for the Unified State Exam?

Aibulat Khazhin: My main advice is definitely to take part in the online consultations for graduates of the 9th and 11th grades, which have been organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bashkortostan for four years now. They are for free. They are in charge of the presidents and members of the republican affairs commissions, who themselves verify the exams. These teachers explain to the children the typical mistakes that children make when solving certain tasks. This is especially true for subjects in the humanities, because if in mathematics or physics there is usually one correct answer, in social sciences, literature or history there may be several options with different numbers of points, and it is important to know how to get the correct answer. highest mark.

You also need to psychologically prepare for exams, deal with anxiety. This will also be taught in our consultations.

It is important not to forget about additional points that can help with admission. This is a portfolio, TRP badges, as well as participation in the voluntary movement and the Olympics. Remember that in addition to the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren, each university has its own competitions, the victory of which can play a key role in admission.

Also, in Bashkir universities, additional points for the Unified State Exam are awarded for victory in the interregional Olympiad in Bashkir language and literature, which is listed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. This opportunity must also be seized, because sometimes a point is decisive.

Why do you think it is worth continuing your studies in Bashkiria?

Aibulat Khazhin: To begin with, the number of state-funded places in Bashkir universities is increasing every year. This year – almost a thousand. In 2023, 15,000 11th grade students take USE and there are more than 13,000 state-funded places in Bashkir universities, meaning everyone has a chance.

In addition, Bashkiria is actively involved in federal projects. For example, in Priority 2030, the world-class Eurasian Science and Education Center has become a powerful driver for students’ applied science development. We have engineering classes and construction of an intercollegiate student campus is underway.

Another important point. At the end of 2021, Bashkiria ranked fourth in the first national ranking of scientific and technological development of the regions. This is the result of a high assessment of the higher education system in our region, since its indicators were the main criteria for prioritizing the subjects. Here is real proof that the higher education system of the Republic of Belarus is one of the best.

In addition, 100-point students who entered Bashkirian universities traditionally expect a bonus from the head of the Republic of Belarus in the amount of 150 thousand rubles. Last year, 25 graduates received them. But the rest of the guys from Bashkir universities, subject to good grades, will be able to receive a decent scholarship.

What areas of study will be the most popular this year among applicants?

Aibulat Khazhin: Those who are most in demand among employers. These are the field of computing, bioengineering, genetics, biomedicine and bionics. At the same time, the humanitarian sphere will not be left without attention. Teachers and doctors remain one of the most in-demand specialists. There are enough vacancies for them both in the city and in the country.

By the way, thanks to new industries and companies implementing investment projects in Bashkiria, agricultural workers are also in demand.

key question

How will teachers be supported in the Year of the Teacher and Mentor? Is there a planned salary increase?

Aibulat Khazhin: A document is currently being prepared at the federal level that will unify the remuneration of teachers in all regions of the country. While it is different for each subject, the base rates are different. The salary of a teacher in Bashkiria is 8.8 thousand rubles.

The problem is that the salary is 35-40% of the real salary of the teacher. The rest are compensatory allowances and incentives. There is no doubt about the former: they are appointed a posteriori, for example, for work in the fields – 25% of the salary. But the distribution of incentives is at the mercy of the school administration and is not always transparent. This shouldn’t be. We have proposals developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus and the Republican Committee of the Union of Pedagogical Workers. We are awaiting the decision of the federal center.

At the same time, we continue to introduce new measures to support teachers. So, since last year, grants of 690,000 rubles have been given to teachers and teachers of industrial training in colleges. This is an analogue of scholarships for rural teachers, which have been awarded for several years, this year their number has increased to 150.

Also in 2023, payments to native language teachers will be increased. Previously, native and Bashkir language teachers received 50 thousand rubles each, but now, by decision of the head of the Republic of Belarus, Russian and foreign language teachers will also receive similar support.

Additionally, last year we streamlined the teacher certification process and began working to reduce the bureaucratic burden on teachers. But this is just the beginning.


50 thousand rubles – a bonus for teachers who prepared 100-point students on the Unified State Exam.

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