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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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In India, 60 people were injured in KXan 36 Daily News bullfights

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:42:05

It is indicated that the participants in the Jallikattu contest, which is called the “indian bullfight”, tried to grab the horns and “tame” the bulls that were released in the streets. As a result, as noted in the material, dozens of victims were admitted to Madurai hospitals with injuries of varying severity, the condition of 20 of them being assessed as serious.

It is reported that 9,700 bulls and 5,400 “tamers” participated in competitions in various cities in Tamil Nadu.

During the famous Jallikattu “Indian bullfight”, spectacular bull taming competitions are traditionally held. The history of this tradition is at least 2.5 millennia old. However, if the Spanish bullfight is a duel between a man and a bull, then in Jallikattu the goal is to tame the animal.

In particular, the competitor must grasp the bull’s horns with both hands and hold them for a certain time or “ride” the animal for a certain distance.

It should be noted that the bulls selected for the competition are fed a special diet so that they grow big and strong. At the same time, contact with people is minimized so that the animals do not get used to the person and do not let him get close to them.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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