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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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“In memory of Kolya, I cannot leave Lenkom: Karachentsov’s widow complained that she was not allowed on stage

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:31:15

Lyudmila Porgina and Nikolai Karachentsov in 2016

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

February 5-6 in the legendary theatrical premiere based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov. The director of the production is Alexander Lazarev.

Among the artists is the actress Lyudmila Porgina. She plays… a Turkish woman in an oriental bazaar. I called Lyudmila Andreevna to congratulate her on the premiere of her. It turned out that it was premature.

– A Turkish woman appears in the Constantinople market scene. I received distribution for this role, – confirmed Lyudmila Porgina. “But it is unlikely that you will see me in the play. They call me to rehearsals, I come to the theater and sit in the hall. They won’t let me go on stage. This is the worst humiliation for an artist. I feel very sorry for myself.

I really like the way Sasha Lazarev (director) works. Performance is plastic. Very well designed, good music. I sit and admire from the hall …

Even Sasha (Lazarev) said: “Lyudmil Andreevna, I am ashamed to offer you this role.” He knows that I am an Honored Artist of Russia, an actress of the highest category. I am already 74 years old. He asked our director Mark Varshaver not to call me to rehearsals. But the director thinks differently…

He takes revenge for the fact that I once said somewhere that the theater should be directed by an artistic director, not a director.

After that, they took me on all the extras. You can see me in the dark in the play “Juno and Avos.” I appear in the final of the “Royal Games” dressed as a nun. In “Jester Balakirev” I play the bridesmaid. In “Memorial Prayer” I run off in a scene where ditties are sung. Here are all my roles, I’ll blink for a minute, and then if you look closely. This is how I live happily… I invited my friends to the play. Then they tell me: where are you, Lyudmila Andreevna, we didn’t see you … This is just a mockery. So taking revenge on the actress is indecent. Mark Anatolyevich (Zakharov) would never allow himself such a thing.

– Are you thinking of leaving the theater?

– Can’t! Before his death, Kolya (Nikolai Karachentsov-husband of Lyudmila Porgina-Ed.) Asked me: do not forget our second home. At first I did not understand, I asked again: “Kolyasya, are you talking about our dacha?” No, she says, about the theater. In memory of Kolya, I cannot leave Lenkom. Although I was not in the theater for 13 years, I took care of my husband. While he was sick, she carried him in his arms. I am now the widow of a very famous actor. At least show some respect. I really want to go on stage, even in a small role, but with words…

I will not hide – Lyudmila Andreevna moved me to pity. But, as theater director Mark Varshaver says, not everything is exactly as she tells it…

– The fact that she comes to rehearsals every day and sits in the room is a lie. She doesn’t come to rehearsals, because she has been sick for a month and a half. She will appear in the theater and will again take a sick leave,-says Mark Borisovich.

– So, can you leave the artist alone?

– She receives a salary of 53 thousand rubles. “So that?” – many people ask me. Therefore, they gave him roles, at least in extras.

– Lazarev asked her to be removed from the role …

– Because he gets into trouble in rehearsals, rude. For 35 years she did not go on stage. What kind of “word roles” can we talk about? She is not professional! But it is also impossible to fire an artist who is in the state: the law does not allow …

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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