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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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In Paris, a robot undressed a girl in a fashion show

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 21:08:25

Four-legged bionic “pets” took part in the fashion show. Photo: Coperni

No one expected Boston Dynamics’ Robodog to become part of popular culture. But this is already a fact. Until recently, the world was in awe that a dog-shaped robot could dance, draw, and even plant flowers. And now Robodog has mastered new skills. He and assistants like him became participants in the Coperni fashion show in Paris.

Four-legged bionic “pets” took part in the fashion show. What was on the podium? First, Robopes took off the model girl’s jacket, which he held in her “mouth”, then – a handbag from the brand’s new collection. Robodog and his assistants did not think to get off the podium, they danced the whole show, moving rhythmically to the music. His presence was very distracting from the main thing – from the gorge itself. It turned out that looking at Boston Dynamics mechanical toys is much more interesting than looking at real people and clothes in general. But it’s no longer possible to put on shows the old-fashioned way without some kind of performance. The people ask for a show.

Recently, the same Coperni fashion house surprised the audience when an almost naked Bella Hadid appeared on the podium. In front of the public, she “dressed” in a liquid cotton dress, with which the artist “painted” her body during the show.

The spray dress was designed by Spanish designer Manel Torres. The set is made from an innovative liquid natural composition based on cotton fiber. This composition quickly hardens on the body and turns into clothing. In this case, the dress sat on like a glove, not by any means of speaking. The most amazing thing is that then it will be possible to take it off as if it were ordinary clothes, wash it and use it further.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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