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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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In Russia, the answer to the “Tinder Scammer” comes out: the series “Manipulators” KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:45:37

Four lonely Russian women who fell for romance scammers and gave their “beloved” all their savings, plucked up their courage and shared their stories in a new documentary project, which the Red Square studio was working on.

Deep loneliness and fear of rejection, a desperate desire for love and a willingness to do everything in order not to lose hope for happiness pushed the heroines of the new series to scammers. To ingratiate themselves, one introduced himself as a general of special services, the other presented them with “diamonds”, and the third offered to open a joint business. The victims from Moscow, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Berlin were silent for a long time, afraid not only to tell others, but even to admit that they had been deceived. And that’s all the scammers wanted.

The sensational story “The Tinder Swindler” in the first week after the premiere became the leader in views on Netflix – 45.8 million hours worldwide. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. According to an HSE study, in 2021, out of 197 respondents, 68 percent of Russian women experienced extortion on dating sites. Today, Tinder has left Russia, but other platforms remain: VK dating, Mamba, Teamo and more. The documentary series “Manipulators” draws attention to the problem and will help women avoid falling into the traps of gigolos, ladyboys and the like.

During the year, the project team, together with psychologists, worked on a documentary series. The editors studied hundreds of true stories, traveled across the country and beyond its borders. It wasn’t easy to persuade the heroines to share their experiences honestly and candidly, but four women agreed to go on camera.

Olga, Julia and Yana no longer have any illusions and openly declare treason, while the main character, an elderly Anna, is still under the influence of a “friend” who has become the only joy in her life. In the series, a psychologist works with her. Viewers can observe the complex process of internal changes of the heroine, for whom love has become an addiction.

Main character: Anna Mayorova, 60 years old. Nizhny Novgorod. Damage – 30 million rubles. A once-rich surgeon who pawned all of her possessions for the sake of a fraudulent gambler. Surprisingly, she has no regrets. Most of all, a woman is afraid of losing her lover, so she is ready to destroy both her life and relationships with her loved ones. The thought that she will never see the object of her dreams again leads her to consider suicide. Therefore, she continues with her feelings.

Olga, 37 years old. Krasnodar. Damage – 10 million rubles. A lonely girl with a son who falls in love with a caring con man with an experience and a criminal record. However, even having a criminal record did not make the woman doubt her choice and later break off relations with her lover. The image of the “ideal” man Olga drew herself.

Julia, 39 years old. Krasnodar. Damage – 8 million rubles. She fell in love with a man who introduced himself as a special services general. Expensive gifts and life on a grand scale clouded her mind: Yulia unconditionally believed in the fictional stories about her and even married a “general”, who finally deprived her of her apartment.

Janina, 41 years old. Moscow. Damage – 6 million rubles. The girl took out loans and opened a business in her name for a man from a dating site, who took all the profits into her pocket. When the loan debts exceeded the income, her lover disappeared.

– Initially, I had concerns about the filming of the film. In our society, being a victim is shameful. It’s a pity, because you were not smart enough, resourceful, too trusting. But now I understand that it is not a shame. Firmly admit your mistake and have the willpower not to hide under the bed, but to solve your problems and at the same time warn others so that they do not find themselves in a similar situation and learn from other people’s very expensive mistakes , – Yana admits.

By the way

The series “Manipulators” serves as a kind of addition to another series – the game “Live Life”, which also appeared in the Start online cinema. The main character is also a manipulator. And the series tells how to deal with such people if they managed to ingratiate themselves with the future victim.

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