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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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In Russia, the shooting of the series began, the script for which was written by a neural network. It’s called “The Sidorovs” – starring the star of “Voronins”

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 11:37:35

STS decided to launch a kind of spin-off of the cult family sitcom.

After the death of Boris Klyuev, the question of the continuation of the Voronin series was raised several times, but each time it was closed. Because without the key character of the project, colleagues could not imagine more work.

And now, STS decided to launch a kind of spin-off of the cult family comedy. This is Sidorov’s series, obviously referring to the Voronins. First of all, because in the main role – Georgy Dronov (performer of the role of Kostya Voronin).

Georgy Dronov

Secondly, because the plot centers on a large family of wife (Alina Alekseeva), husband (Georgy Dronov), mother-in-law (Tatiana Orlova) and son-in-law (Sergey Stepin).

sergey stepin

Thirdly, all the heroes of the series, in fact, the Sidorovs, are like awakened clones of the Voronins, who have come out of the reality of filming. They live all the time in the same apartment, from which they cannot leave, and they hear voice-over laughter at home. At a certain point, the Sidorovs become aware of themselves as characters in the series and decide to get out of it.

Such an original script, as it was said, was written by the neural network (or rather, those who programmed it, because the neural network itself, like a computer, cannot write anything, it only reacts to external influences) AI TV ScriptGenerator. In which programmers Vladimir Larkin and Vadim Povolotsky uploaded dozens of scripts: the Voronins TV series, The Eighties, Rodkom, Dyldy and others. Of course, the text mush received from the neural network, unlike the script, had to be edited and remembered later, because the neural network works on the principle of prediction, trying to calculate which word will be next. So in this case “the script was written by the neural network” should be understood as “the neural network presented the main structural elements of the script”.

alina alekseeva

“We try to minimize edits to received material,” project manager Sergei Znamensky (Ivanov-Ivanov) explained tactfully. – We go the other way: we take the situation that the neural network wrote, and we try to justify it with our human methods and professional qualities. Even if there is no logic in what is written, we look for it and add it.


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