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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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In Tambov they offered to feel the author of the march “Farewell to the Slavs” – Rodina

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 15:14:24

The route of self-guided tours of the old city was designed by librarians on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the birth of the composer Vasili Agapkin, which will be celebrated in 2024. The musician lived in Tambov not long, from 1909 to 1922, but it was this period which became unusually fruitful for him. And it was here that the world-famous march “Farewell to the Slavs” was created, which is sometimes considered popular.

Tambov city administration.

Vasily Agapkin did not live in Tambov for long, but it was this period that turned out to be the most fruitful for him.

Tourists and local residents are invited to walk with an audio guide from the train station to the culture and recreation park. Along the way you can see buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Not all of them are directly related to Vasily Agapkin’s stay in Tambov, but one way or another they give an idea of ​​​​the provincial living conditions that he encountered.

There are 17 points along the route where it is worth stopping to hear stories (including legendary ones) about the city and the fate of the composer. Her daughter Aza Sverdlova, born in Tambov, maintained the family archive, collected information about her father throughout her life, and sought to popularize his legacy. She said that once, on the New York subway, she went up to listen to an accordionist and he immediately switched to “Farewell to the Slavic Woman.”

The walk with audio guide lasts approximately one and a half hours.

– We are referring specifically to the Tambov period of Vasily Agapkin’s biography. He lived in our city for 13 years. Here he studied, married and created his famous work. We studied many works of local historians and turned to specialists to clarify the dates. The final version of the route was shown to a descendant of Vasily Agapkin. He gave the go-ahead,” said Marina Makayan, one of the authors of the project, a librarian at the N. Krupskaya City Central Library.

Some residents of Tambov were already able to evaluate the route. The performance took place at the monument to another composer and military bandleader – Ilya Shatrov, author of the waltz “On the Manchurian Hills” (he worked in the city in the 1930s and early 1950s and is buried there).

The audio guide comes in two formats: a 2.57 kilometer walking tour and a virtual tour. The materials are available free of charge on the federal platform “Artifact”, created within the framework of the national project “Culture”. Before starting the hike, you need to install the application on your smartphone.

The performance took place at the monument to Ilya Shatrov, author of the waltz “On the Manchurian Hills.” Photo: Tambov City Administration

Vasily Agapkin (1884-1964) was born in the Ryazan province into a large family of agricultural workers and was orphaned at an early age. A ten-year-old boy was admitted as a student to the marching band of the 308th Tsarevsky battalion in Astrakhan. When he grew up, he entered military service and in 1910 remained for extended military service. As a trumpeter in a cavalry regiment in Tambov, he entered the local music school and soon became an orchestra conductor.

The outbreak of war in the Balkans inspired him to write, and thus “Farewell to the Slavs” appeared, which almost immediately gained popularity. None of his works, none of his marches (and there were many) had even the slightest shadow of such success.

After the revolution, Agapkin organized a brass band in the hussar regiment of the Red Army and headed the music studio and orchestra of the Cheka in Tambov. In fact, he served as a conductor in the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD-NKGB troops until his retirement.

After moving to Moscow, he participated as a bandleader at important events, for example, at Lenin’s funeral. In 1928 he organized a street children’s music band. He was the chief conductor of the combined orchestra at the parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941 and participated in the Victory Parade.

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